Rent My Brain for a Private Consultation

When you need top level thinking and advice on a specific area of your business, whether it’s marketing, sales, product or market development, financing, or any other critical business-building aspect of your business, a private consultation is your best choice.

During the course of a year I can only take on a limited number of private retainer clients. But since I do get a lot of requests from people who need some spot advice, or want to craft a new strategy, or fix some aspect of their business that just isn’t working,

I decided to make some time available just for this purpose.

I’ve set aside a limited amount of time for private consultations. These are one-to-two hour phone meetings to handle very well-defined issues, or full day consultations to work on full-on business redesign and business acceleration issues.

It’s a unique opportunity to super-charge your business in a high-powered, fast-paced consultation.

This is not theory. There will be (almost) no chit-chat, and absolutely no fluff. We’ll spend our time together quickly getting to the heart of the matter, zeroing in on the things that are going to make the biggest difference for you. You’ll get 100% actionable strategies and tactics guaranteed to help you make more money and get more of what you want from your business.

As soon as you schedule your appointment you’ll get complete instructions on how to fully prepare and get the most from it.

This will be your time to use in a variety of powerful ways, including:

  • evaluating potential business opportunities
  • creating new marketing strategies and tactics to generate clients
  • brainstorming growth ideas to get your business operating on a higher level
  • locating funding sources and financing options
  • crafting joint venture relationships
  • discovering whether business growth coaching with Paul is a leveragable oppportuntiy for you

The consultation may be held with you alone, or it can be with your team.

There will be so many ideas that many people have trouble keeping up so the call will be digitally recorded and you’ll get an audio MP3 when we’re done. In any case, make sure to have lots of space to take notes.

To schedule a private consultation, click the link below.

  • You’ll pre-pay the appointment, and we’ll send you several open time slots.
  • Choose the one that works best. If none of the slots work, we’ll find something that does.
  • Then we’ll send you a brief questionnaire which will help us both prepare for a remarkably effective consultation.


One Hour Accelerated Profitization Session with Paul

One Hour Phone / Teleconference Consultation with Paul [ $1,000 USD ]

One Half-Day Accelerated Profitization Session with Paul

One Half-Day Consultation with Paul, at his offices in San Diego [ $5,250 USD ]

Still not quite sure? No Problem.

Fill out my Complementary Profit Strategy Consultation Request, and my team and I will review your information to see if you are a good candidate for accelerated profitization. I will get back to you within 48 hours to let you know.