Here is what a few of our clients say about working with Paul…

Paul Lemberg is one of the truly great strategic minds in the business. He doesn’t sit in an ivory tower. Every day, for hours on end he works on the front lines of capitalism, helping companies large, medium and small build, revise, restructure, makeover, and integrate totally new strategies designed to drive and revive their growth. He takes companies who are fundamentally tactical and turns them into formidable and sophisticated strategic business and marketing forces to recon with in their industries.

Jay Abraham, Marketing Genius

We just sold our company for substantially more than we had been led to believe was possible.

Thanks, Paul, for all your help.

Stan Usry President, Concord Business Systems, Inc.

Why were you a successful coach for me?  Your real expertise running companies, your black and white approach, your holding me accountable in very specific ways, your willingness to be critical, your willingness to risk bold ideas, and your brainstorming of new, breakthrough initiatives. Today, I have a staff that is quite successful managing their routine operations.  We have baselines by which to gauge our performance. And most importantly, we are having our most profitable year ever.

Richard Deeran, President, Casco Development

After one year (it took longer than it should have because I was stubborn about everything), we have a fully structured sales process, our pipeline has grown by 15 times (!), and our sales cycle has been reduced from 12 months down to 4 months.  My only regret is that I didn’t find Paul sooner.  Thanks for your help!

Tom Johnson, President, Papersoft.

Paul Lemberg is worth his weight in gold. This June will be the third time he’s been back.

Kay Stephenson, CEO Datamaxx

Thanks for getting in touch! INCREDIBLE. Excellent points, ideas, and far more usable than 99.9% of what’s out there. Really enjoyed it!

Dr. Kevin Nunley

I spent my first career in the US military. Including that time, and all my years in Corporate America, Paul’s program is one of the best, most insightful leadership programs I’ve ever taken.

John Eberle VP & Division Manager Advanced Distribution, SAIC

It was a tall order to ask you to give fifty of our top-achieving financial advisers relevant and appropriate business advice, but you did so in a powerful manner. The presentation may have been four months ago, but advisors are still using the material, re-reading your book and developing many of the concepts they embraced in June.

Tim Arrowsmith, GM Sales and Development, Sovereign

Thanks, Paul. All of your information really hit home, as did your super-practical steps.

Marjorie Reynolds, Foundation for Enterprise Development

I first met Paul when he was speaking about what really motivates high-tech people, and how to keep them at your company forever. We’ve been working together for over two years now, and I must say, without Paul’s terrific insight and guidance I would not be the CEO.

Chris Stevenson, CEO LDSI

You laid out concrete, actionable material that substantiated our intuitive needs and provided a road map to make it real. Thanks, Paul. Working with you has given us a new future.

Bill Caldwell, President American Healthtech

We are a more competitive, more productive and more profitable company than we were when I first took the helm. Paul Lemberg’s contribution to this has been crucial. Paul has been invaluable to me and my company, resolutely helping me extend my capabilities while insightfully providing me with just the right blend of focus and perspective.

Sean E. Murphy President ESI

My whole management team is vigorously applying Paul’s concepts from an intensive two-day session…Our revenues in the first half are equal to 95% of the total sales for last year, while our EBIT is close to 40% of gross revenues… Your session was a substantial boost to our efforts and proved to be a catalyst for growth.

David Gibbard, Senior Vice President OpenText

We received a ton of value in ways far beyond our expectations. As corporate consultants it is usually us who are helping our clients make the behavioral changes needed to survive in today’s volatile marketplace… Our newly refined skills will go along way toward helping the company grow…Keep up the good work, you have a rare gift.

Mitchell Ditkoff, President Idea Champions

Paul Lemberg is one of the most dynamic speakers we have ever had. He brought a wealth of practical information to our members, and presented it in a way which was easy for us to understand and put into action. We liked him so much, we asked him to come back.

Jane Pollack, Past President Entrepreneurial Women’s Network

Thanks again for your excellent presentation. Your “visualize the end and plan backwards” approach was particularly thought provoking. This was truly one of the most effective presentations we’ve had all year.

Nev Grove, Past President, Computer & Electronics Marketing Association

This was a milestone for BCC, and we appreciated the motivating message you brought to our employees. With the international mix of employees we have, you seemed especially attuned to their interests as well as dealing directly with problems and concerns related to the computer consulting industry. From the remarks I heard all day long, your seminar was well received and your enthusiasm was contagious. Thank you for being an integral part of our Anniversary Celebration.

Lynn Bixby, Best Computer Consulting

Paul Lemberg simply makes it easy for people to see things. His insights helped us bring a new, more efficient management structure to Donatech. Also, as a result of the ideas he shared with us, we have created a new, more motivating compensation structure for both sales and engineering.

Rob Glazer, President Donatech

Paul Lemberg offered real world responses to the difficult problems we confront in the market place… They have helped me build a structure which will facilitate our growth for years.

Mark Braverman, President Resource Data Systems

A good coach is hard to find, but you know one when you’ve got one. The team begins to work together like a machine, and then you win… Paul is great at helping agents crystallize a commitment and follow the steps to achieve it. He helps keep me on track and provides an invaluable level of outside accountability.

Don Harrington, President Mass Mutual of Connecticut

…he coached me to restructure my entire operation to make more money. From the business side, I see things more clearly and simply. It works now.

Judson Potter, Vice President Merrill Lynch

Paul worked with us to develop a system which has boosted my income towards seven figures. As a result of our work together, I’m a known figure in my field.

Elliot Maza, Director Tax-Advantaged Lending Goldman Sachs

… helped us increase our client base faster than ever before. Also, I’ve become a more effective leader with a vision beyond what we previously thought possible. Paul stuck with it – keeping the vision going, urging us to consolidate our operations, raising our productivity and providing a solid growth platform, even when we wanted to give up. Paul has the ‘wisdom to know the difference.

Robert Monahan, President Monahan Financial Services

Paul Lemberg promises “extraordinary business results”, and he delivers. Thanks to Paul’s help, I have been able to exceed the “extraordinary” goals we set together. As a result, I have completed a reverse merger and have just launched a new Internet Spanish-language marketplace. I highly recommend Paul as a coach, a speaker, and a strategic consultant.

Jeffrey A. Stern, CEO, JSA Publishing / NUMEX /

Just a short note to thank you for speaking at several recent Software Success events. As usual, your presentations were rated above average by the audience, and the individual feedback I’ve head has been very positive. As an IT entrepreneur myself, I’ve enjoyed your insights into strategy, team building and delegation. In fact, your talk at the Software Company Growth Conference inspired me to revamp the way my own organization is set up. Things are already getting done at a faster pace, and we’ll trace some significant growth to your advice. I look forward to continuing to work with you on seminars and conference. Your real-world feel for everyday management challenges is rare among consultants.

Rob Shapiro, President Software Success

Your ability to ask the difficult questions that we weren’t asking ourselves was critical in figuring out how to get DSI to the next level. Sometimes the day-to-day activities have a tendency create a mist on the landscape and your participation and advice helped us to clear the path.

James C. Griffin, Jr. President, Diversified Software Industries, Inc.

Thanks, Paul. You’re writing is like a lighthouse in a dark storm.

Sharon Stark, Born Free Enterprises

I just got your book from Amazon. I think it is excellent and delivers on its promise. I look forward to taking it with me and using it more. Great job!

Jeff Stern CEO,