GTD - Getting more doneSo what do you think is the difference between unstoppable people and everyone else?

When “normal people” stop there’s a pause.  And you can see it.  It’s a break in the action. Sometimes, they stay like that for a long time – like a still photograph.

But unstoppable people?

It’s not the same thing at all…

They might stop for a short bit of time, they just don’t stay that way.

They don’t get stuck.

What they do is completely different and it can mean the difference between outrageous success and a lifetime of mediocrity…


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    • pl

      Chung – weird… someone else commented on this and I’m not sure why. The vids are MP4s and the player is specifically IOS compatible. Let me find out. (By the way, have I told you that even as a lover of Apple products, I can’t stand their market-divisive business policies which only serve to make life difficult for paying customers?) ~pl

  1. Bobby

    Great article and video. I come across many people who have been “stuck” for years! I like the analogy of the still picture vs movie stills, it really sums it up. Thanks for the great information.

  2. Shmaya

    The 3rd & 4th questions reminds me a lot the “Pre-Requisite Tree” method of problem solving (taught a part of the Theory Of Constraints). I find that the third question is probably the most powerful one of the bunch.

    • pl

      Shmaya, Eli and the TOC crew have done a pretty good job of appropriating ideas that have been around for a really long time!

      In any case, regular use of those questions definitely keeps things on track.


  3. Glenn

    Great points – and concise as always, Paul. Yes, the questions provide simplified means to rapidly restore momentum at ‘stop points.’ It’s interesting that we can stop, seeking to understand ‘what happened’ when we have stepped into wet cement, only to find that we have pondered long enough for the cement to harden around our ankles. Your questions lead to taking next steps with confidence, whether to forge through or around the obstacles that beset us. Naturally, this improves the flow of our activites and associated results.

    Thank you.

  4. John Chancellor

    Great questions. Those are very handy and when answered honestly will create clarity. I believe one of the real stoppers is lack of clarity. Gaining clarity will give you the correct sense of direction.

    Thanks for sharing. A really useful tool.

    • pl

      John – one of the neat parts of using these questions is that they’re not particularly deep or heavy, which makes them easy to answer. They cut right to the core of them moment and make it easy to move forward. –pl

  5. Ed

    Hi Paul,

    I was multi tasking while listening to this video (I know I know… very much against the blue prints for profits axiom). Anyways, I didn’t catch a lot of the content, until you started talking about the four questions. I perked up a bit because it brought me back to Passover diners when I was made to read the four questions as a youngster! I went back and gave the audio another listen and as usual you’re right on point. Everyone gets stuck, even the superstars. The key is to push through the mud and keep going!

    • pl

      Ed —

      These ARE the four questions. That other stuff you get every year is just warmup.



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