How To Uncover Hidden Fears And Earn More Money In Your Consulting or Coaching Business

Most consultants don’t charge enough because they are buying into one of the following thought patterns.

* “If I ask too much people will say no and then I won’t have any business (and I need the business).”

Or more simply…

* “People won’t pay that much.”

* “I’m afraid that what I do for people isn’t worth that much.”

And the grand catch-all,
* “I’m afraid I’M not worth that much.”

* “What if I fail?”

Of course there are many versions of this type of thought, but notice how they’re all rooted in the same thing…


Fear is the number one dream (and income) killer. Do any of these thought patterns resonate with you?

Rhonda Anderson and I will share strategies for uncovering and overcoming the fears of asking for more money.

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* Monday, June 17th, 2013 2:00 PM PDT

Acting small and making less money is not a service to anyone. Many consultants do just that. Join us on this webinar and discover how to earn more by asking for more.

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