Human beings like regularity and predictability. Change is bad. Consider the existence of a hunter-gatherer living life in the wild: every change in the weather, every change in the environment, every new sound in the night, new people, new animals—every one represents a potentially mortal threat.

There are no longer saber-toothed tigers in my town, but we still prefer that things remain constant and stable. We’ve learned the right responses to feel adequate to the challenge. We know how to gauge our efforts, and we don’t need to work too hard to get a level of acceptable results. And we can make reliable predictions about the future, which makes us feel safe and secure. The weird part is that we can feel the most comfortable when unknowingly, we are in the most danger.

Staying in the comfort zone can definitely kill your business.  When you are in the comfort zone—that place of pleasurable ease—it means that you have accepted the existing rules and made peace with the status quo. You like it. You hope things are going to remain just the way they are. You aren’t changing with the changes. You aren’t making progress. You have probably lost sight of your vision, and you are doing things you’ve done over and over and over…

The precipice you are rushing toward is just out of sight around the bend., sharp rocks below just waiting to break your fall.

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