Last week I ran a business-building workshop for 14 consultants and coaches to help them grow their businesses to high-six and low-seven figures..

On the second day during a break, one of the attendees pulled me out on the terrace. He wanted to ask a really important question.

“Which strategy should I run next to guarantee new clients quickly?”

Naively, I fell right into his trap…

“Tell me about how your marketing system works now,” I asked.

“I don’t have a system,” he responded, a little too quickly.

“Okay, so what kinds of things have you been doing to bring in business?”

“I’m not doing anything. I was waiting for your workshop.”

(You can see where this is going, can’t you?)

“How long have you been waiting…?”

“It’s been about four months. I launched my practice with a few referrals, but now I really need new clients…”

Since January…

Doing nothing…

Waiting four months…

Do you know the right answer to this guy’s question?

If you’ve been reading my posts or watching my videos, you know I’m a big fan of DOING ANYTHING.

Yes, that’s right.  That’s the answer: DO ANYTHING.

It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you are always doing something to promote your services, your products, your ideas… 

You see, you have no way of knowing what’s really going to work.

So instead of trying to figure out the perfect strategy, your best bet is simply to take some kind of action.

Do something and see what happens. If you get good results, keep doing it. If you don’t get the results you want, fix what you’re doing or do something else. No matter what, keep doing something.

Of course, there are things that generally work well, and you should be doing those.  But really, who knows?

The best course of action, the most powerful one, is to layer all the various strategies available one on top of the other in a synergistic model. That’s the strategic system I teach.

But in lieu of knowing all those things, you just have to do anything.

Because the outcome of doing nothing is predictable.

By the way…

Can you guess how many new clients that guy enrolled before my workshop?

Yeah… That’s right…

My advice?

Get busy!

To your outrageous success,


P.S. What are you going to do today to create new business opportunities?



3 Responses

  1. Brandon R Allen

    Definitely doing things. The best way for me to get business is by asking current clients and getting out in the community and meeting people. When I am out meeting people, I am looking for speaking engagements or ways that I can create value for the people that I am meeting.

    • pl

      Brandon – good thinking. Staying in action, producing almost any result, as long as your sure you’re going in the direction of your desires.

  2. ken tong

    Hi Paul,

    I take this chance to thank you for sending me good advices in business growth. I am very eager and interested in your “Danger of Doing Nothing”, I must be honest with you that our company currently working and relying on one big customer whom was acquired recently by another big chain stores company, although we has been their top suppliers, we are very worried about the continuously support by the new investor whom may have their own supply chain. We run a class A factory in Fashion Jewelry, know of stong design team and quality products with very fast turnaround NPD & production cycle (2/1 for the existing need time).

    Since our company established at 2007, quite young and little known by the industry, although we have been trying to expand our customers list with limited results. Once before I heard from you that some parties could be representing us in the promotion of our Product Services
    as they have good connection and access to the related business, or how we could tackle the wholesallers and retialers market in the Jewelry industries.

    I am coming to the JCK Shows in Las Vegas by the end of this month, any person you may recommend or any actions we have take to achieve in expanding our business in a short period of time.



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