My father spent a large part of his life working to pay the bills.

A lot of people do that. They live as if the whole purpose of their lives is to support their business.

What if it was the other way around?

What if you deliberately designed your business to support your life?

That’s more like it, isn’t it…



Watch this video to get started…



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  1. Milena

    Dear Paul,
    thank you again for remind me on time for the time for me has come… still I’m a kind of afraid of taking actions. As a mother of 2 small children, and working in office from 9 to 6 job, I forgetted my passions. But now I go to yoga course and am about to clear-up my mind and get on the road again.

    • pl

      Good to hear it, Milena. My guess is that following your passion going to be a lot better for your 2 small kids, as well.

  2. Yap Winston

    Sometimes things aren't as straight forward because I am still unclear on what is my passion and my purpose…on one hand I am passionate about making money while working less which is the reason why I am into Internet marketing to work towards that lifestyle…and my purpose here on earth is to be a blessing since there's nothing u can take with you at the end of your life eventually

    • pl

      Hey Yap — just my opinion, but being passionate about “making money while working less?” It ain’t impressive. Making money is a checkbox – it enables you to do other things, but as a passion? It’s pretty thin. Dig deeper…

      • John Jaworski

        I agree here too Paul… So many people think that Internet marketing is a lifestyle. It’s a way of reaching Customers. It’s a publicity, advertising and sales delivery method. I know a lot of Smart marketers that are Internet marketers working 80 hours a week in a place they don’t want to be…

        The people that have bought into the “Internet Marketers Lifestyle” in large part have been lied to and then drank the Kool Aid!

  3. J Bushnell

    Hi Paul,

    Great post today…thank you. I have just started to follow Brandon Pearce ( and am envious of his ‘lifestyle business’ (in the footsteps of Tim Ferriss and 4 Hr Work) allowing his entire family to travel the world. I have not figured out how to accomplish similar results but your post spoke to the importance of the pursuit and attainment of that objective. I went to your Resources tab and located ‘Earn Twice as Much..’ Do you think that would be a valuable step toward achieving my Lifestyle Business goal?

    • pl

      ETAMWHTS is a great resource for building a business, but it’s not really about the 4-hour Lifestyle.

  4. John Jaworski

    Great thoughts Paul…. Thanks so much! My father once told me that he hated every day of his work. He was about 45 when he told me that. I asked him why he didn’t change his job… Made sense to me… His response was that he had 4 children to support… Yep Good Old Catholic Guilt! He had a Masters from Some Catholic University in doling it out…

    The message I got was that it’s NEVER too late to change your life and become who you were always meant to be!

    Kinda like what we recently discussed… huh?

    Love ya Paul!

      • John Jaworski

        Life in Key West is good…. I’m moving forward with my passion to create an effective and efficient Mental health and drug and alcohol addiction rehab clinic… Many roadblocks, many people tell me how many people have failed before me due to lack of funding… I have started to respond… i don’t give a shit about those failures… that aint me!

        Finding my passion again for helping businesses grow… Through a lot of thinking, drinking etc I have realized it’s not that I am not fantastic at helping them grow, it’s not that all biz owners are a pain in the ass… It was the ones I was marketing to! Now I’m setting the bait for small to medium size businesses that have some success, but are stuck… I think it will make me a lot happier!

        Thanks for your counsel!

  5. Troy Steine

    Paul, Thank you for this video…it has really resonated with my thinking.
    And thank you again for the day long strategy session we spent together last year in San Diego. Many of the things we discussed and the notes I took I still refer to up to this day.
    PS – I see Burt Dubin’s responses below…is that the same Burt whose many “speaking” products I’ve purchased in the past?

    Best to you
    Troy Steine.

  6. Barbara K Given

    Paul, I really like the way you take a subject and then squeeze out the essential elements, package them succinctly and share them so we all gain from your wisdom. Good going, buddy.

    • pl

      I like that, Barbara – squeeze out the essential elements… So which is the essential part for you?

  7. Ruth Jacobi

    Thank you, Paul. Long ago I realized that we all have the same time to use, and that when we work, we are essentially "selling" our time. That concept has caused me to value my time, and to know that I need to enjoy what I do on a daily basis at my work, because that's a lot of my waking time. I am right now trying to figure out how to tweek my business so that I can maximize my strengths, and farm out that which are my weaker areas. The great difficulty for me is how to find the right virtual assistants. If you have any ideas on how to do this without getting scalped, I'm all ears.

    • pl

      Ruth – I think the challenge about finding virtual assistants is that you’re paying a lot of premium for the work from people who call themselves “virtual assistants.” The trick is to find people who will do your work without considering that they are in a “profession.” Your basic VA wants $40-70/hour for transcription, but I can find it on the freelance sites for $15/hour. Big difference. You can pay a VA $35-50/hour, and you can pay a stay-at-home mom in the mid-west $12-14/hour. Again, big difference. You may argue that the training and skill set is different, but I’m not so sure.

  8. Dave M-Day

    Thanks Paul – as usual, great thinking behind this one, but I'm going to share this one as well, because it's got a message that I think should be noted by the younger of my facebook friends – especially the ones I've done future-coaching with.

  9. Crystal

    True…. I think some people have no clue, what they want to do. Being a Creator, may be a unique talent… I’m not sure. I love the Creative Process, so it fulfills me, but I have met many others that have never created and thus, have no idea how to start. I guess, this could be a flaw in our youth and school strategies, with too much group.

    Not sure, I guess we will find out in the next years, if our youth have learned to rely too much on each other and not enough from internal places, perhaps fearing to take the chance to stretch past a comfort zone and be a leader safely, (the spot of creation is relatively safe, since you are creating each moment for the highest good within your consciousness, if true for you).

    It is what I have presented in my business strategy, thinking or deducting that others would enjoy stretching and creating, within a guidance structure that allows that process to be both courageous, but have the support of a mentor who has gone before, made mistakes and also searched for what was needed to win, willing to be there for the process.

    Jury is out on the participants interested and aligning with the Laws of the Land to move forward successfully…. A higher ground, where everyone makes the climb to the top of their own personal mountains… Coach Paul, thanks!

    Cheers, C*

  10. Sergey

    Thanks, Paul. This is the foundation which is not a sin to repeat. A special thank you for the book, it is great to have inspired a few years ago.

    • pl

      You know, Sergey, I wonder about repeating some of these things. I’ve been on stage where folks have said, “Oh… I heard this and such…” My question is always, “How is it working for you?”

      You’re welcome. Tell more people about it! ~pl

      • Sergey

        I feel themselves in harmony with your ideas as if they were my personal. I started a unique business that does not have any competitors, graffiti on the order. The beginning was very successful, I really felt the power of unreasonable decisions. Then I eventually lost the motivation, there are more competitors, and the extraordinary became commonplace. I do not know why, may lose the spirit of innovation. In any case, your book for me was a major turning point

  11. Denise

    Paul…I have worked hard all my life and realize it’s time to think the way you are talking about so I can live a more fulfilled life and hopefully help someone else along the way. Really enjoyed your video today.


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