Some people think of this as the holiday season…

Others also think of it as the “planning season.” The time of year when you start to figure out how you’d like the next year to go…

What you’re going to achieve…

What programs and practices you’re going to kick off…

If this sounds like fun to you, I’d like to offer a little spin in keeping with this very important idea:

Make sure that all – or at any rate, most – of your precious time should be spent in service of things which light up your life.

If you plan from that perspective, no matter what you chose to do, things could turn out…

Simply amazing.

So watch the video. It’s a short 4’53”…

And please leave your comments below for others to see.


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  1. Joanna

    I like taking these little “gems” from your videos, Paul. Planning is crucial for any success and I like your idea of clearly naming purpose,passion and obligations. It’s a bit like going though wardrobe of old clothes and throwing away unused tems.
    I am doing my list straight away!

  2. Chris King

    Another super video. You make everything so clear! And, most importantly push me to think and consider my plans of action. Way to go, Paul!

  3. Gerry Brimacombe

    Paul, nothing brand new hear, of course, but I do like the shift in thinking you introduce. I have seen over and over that when I am clear about my intentions, they seem to "accomplish themselves" and also when those intentions line up with what I love to do…then I am ENERGIZED!

  4. John Klein

    Simple message . . . but lots of thought needed to slay many of the dragons that are lurking around as possible “goals.” In the past, every New Years I make a list of “goals” for the coming year. Last year I listed 12.. Guess how many were achieved this year– zero! I like Paul’s idea of focusing on one main passion / purpose along with obligations. So I’ll try it this way for 2013. Hope it makes the big difference.

    • pl

      John – lots of people’s goals never see daylight because they’re based on “shoulds” and “out-to’s” Basing your goals (and your future) on your passion and purpose changes everything. ~pl

  5. Richard Petrie

    thanks Paul. This is essential for life not just business. How many people know their purpose? No many if any. But it is worth dedicating time to find out.


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