This video is  a recording of a webinar I did the other night for about 300 members of the FormulaFIVE program.  It doesn’t have any of that fancy video stuff, and it is a little bit long — a tad over an hour.  Also the sound for the first 9 minutes is a touch weird; after that it cleans up and sounds perfect.

What a great pitch, right?  Like WHY would I possibly want to watch that?

Well, if you can make the time, you REALLY do want to watch it all the way through.

This webinar teaches the down and dirty details of how to craft a strategy and a strategic plan that will blow the doors off your business this year.

One more thing.  If you’ve already watched the “10 Questions” video, I do repeat some of that material in the beginning of this seminar, but in my opinion, this is better and worth the few extra minutes to hear it again.

So grab a notepad and a pen, get comfortable and turn it on. As I said, about 64 minutes.  When you’re done, leave your thoughts and comments on the blog, okay?

[flv: 400 266]

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  1. Joaquin Kenyon

    I just listened to the strategic planning training video.
    What I’ve learned from it Paul will certainly help me to focus on what will get me to the land of my dreams the quickest. My initial goal is to make enough money online to free myself from the nine to five corporate work world. Very quality training. I also took detailed notes on a previous training video by Paul Limberg… “Time Management Secrets To Getting More Done Every Day.” Thank You Very Much Mr. Limberg.

  2. Gail Doby

    I always enjoy your videos. As the old saying goes, “the quality of your questions determines the quality of your life.”

  3. mohsin

    Hi, this is my first response to all your valuable content, this post is good like many of the previous one. Following are my questions/feedback however?
    Referring to your “Aim at stars” quote, You said we should aim at stars so that we can land at tree tops (at least). But I think we always need to aim STARs? We can aim a realistic goal and achieve it i.e. Aim at Tree Top and get it, not just hit the trunk.
    Some parts are a repetition of previous videos, I understand that you may have posted those parts separately before, but it creates annoyance for regular readers of you blog, like me!

    However, the whole thing is awesome as whole 😉 thanks

    • admin

      Moshin, It’s all a matter of style. Most people don’t set “agressive” goals because their experience has taught them it’s not okay not to reach them. So those who don’t actually reach their ultimate target are thwarted from trying.

  4. Robert Scanlon

    Hi Paul,

    That was a great webinar, thank you! (and thanks for the recording too)

    Formula Five has made a great difference to our business and I’m certain we’ve barely scratched the surface (ie, I’ve only even watched it once).

    That was me asking about Theory Of Constraints as I’ve just finished a project planning sessions using some simple TOC tools and I found it thoroughly refreshing. Combined with your approach it is like squeezing the pimple from both ends (only metaphor I can think of right now, sorry!). With F5 and TOC tools I think we have everything we need to keep growing by using foundational elements and “common sense”.

    Stops me from buying more new shiny things* … but I still like looking at them!

    ie the latest internet marketing “trick”/silver bullet.

    Thanks again – you have inspired me last year and this! (being an ex-biz consultant myself it is refreshing to have some great tools applied to online business).



  5. John Bowers

    Hi Paul…
    Just wanted to let you know that this seminar was superb!!
    It’s actually a rare thing for me to become totally involved
    with anyone’s material, but you are a special talent. Thanks.
    It is some priceless stuff you share, my friend, and it is
    much appreciated.

  6. Glenn

    Paul, you continue to share extraordinary value with your followers. This presentation is concise, logical and affords entrepreneurs a clear process by which to translate their intangible ‘wants’ into tangible results worthy of cheering about, that is – if they set their reasonable expectations high enough.

    While I am acquainted with many of the ideas covered, your presentations consistently weave tapestries of instructional integrity that render profound concepts to be simple and easily assimilated. I compliment your eloquence, knowledge, obvious competencies, and thank you for continuing to share them with us.

  7. Greg Rollett

    Hey Paul – really enjoyed the webinar the other night. Got 4 pages of notes to go through. I’ve been working on the 10 questions, they are part of something I have wanted to do for a while. I have done similar personal thought questions before and this gives another set with new directions. Thanks for providing the info. Let’s kick ass in 2010!


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