Do you worry about how to make more money?

How much more?

What are you actually thinking about?

How much would make you happy?


Satisfied even…


Have you ever considered what would cause a breakthrough in how much you earn?

Watch this video…


4 Responses

  1. Ted

    What are you recommending these days when it comes to tracking conversions?

    • pl

      Ted – I think you’re far more versed in this than I. We keep it pretty simple with GA for online sales. Offline sales tracking systems are all over the map. Clients use a ton of different CRMs, including homemade excel ones for low transaction volume businesses.

  2. Glenn

    This is a great exercise for expanding creative business vision with application to scopes that range from projects to entirely new business models. You effectively prepare soil for viewers to plant the seeds of their own innovations.

    Well done as always.

    Thank you, Paul.


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