You want more…

You want to earn more money…

You want your business to grow faster…

You want more clients, customers, deals, investors…

You want to increase your equity, your wealth and perhaps sell your business…

You want more time to enjoy the rest of your life…

This is good, and you’re in the right place…

Because I have a long, deep track record of helping entrepreneurs like you do these things.

Since you’re reading this page (and you’re supposed to be) you are already successful.  You’ve built your business to at least seven-figures. Maybe just barely, or perhaps many times that. All of which proves that you know what you’re doing.

Everyone’s situation is a little different

You may have reached a wall with your own ideas. Your business is profitable but not wildly so. Rather than repeating the same mistakes and patterns indefinitely you want help breaking through to higher levels of performance, sales and profits.

You may be charging forward with a precise plan knowing just what to do next. At this point you simply want another set of eyeballs peering over your shoulder to help avoid the minefields ahead.

Or you may have woken up to the reality that your business model is no longer effective. Or, let me say it plainly – your business is broken. You need immediate hard-core intervention. You’re ready for a turnaround.

People want a business coach for all kinds of reasons

You may use different words to describe your situation. One or more of these is probably going to fit:

  • Sales have hit a wall
  • Either your business is growing too slowly or isn’t growing at all
  • The business is not as profitable as you’d like
  • You want to sell the business in the next few years
  • You want to acquire other businesses to grow faster
  • You want to expand into new, fast-growing markets
  • You want to raise capital
  • You’ve been doing it the same way for years
  • You feel as if you’re working too hard
  • You have too many opportunities and not enough resources,
  • Your business is no longer fulfilling
  • You just want more from your businesses and you have no idea what to do next to get it.

My approach is different from your average business coach or advisor in several ways.

First, I know what I’m doing. I’ve built and sold several companies. I’ve worked hand-in-hand with hundreds of business owners and I understand how things in businesses work. I never use a generic solution because that won’t get you what you want. The strategies and tactics we will apply will be tailored precisely for your business so they’re going to work no matter what market or niche you are in.

Second, I speak plainly and answer your questions directly. Of course, I will ask you questions and over time it could end up being hundreds of them. But at a certain point, I will tell you precisely what to do so you can get what you want. There’s none of this stuff about helping you “discover” what you need to know or answering your questions with questions like, “Well what do you think about (whatever you just asked me.) The way I see it, you’re going to pay me a fair sum of money and when you ask me questions it’s because you think you need answers. So when you ask me what I think, believe me, I will tell you.

Third, and most importantly, when you agree on what you’re going to do next, I will hold you accountable for taking action. You see, once we decide we’re a fit for each other, I become very committed to helping you reach your goals. I will go pretty far to make sure you get there.

We could be a fit for each other if…

…If your business has greater than $1 million in annual sales. (If sales are less than that we may still be a fit.  Find out here.)

…If you are committed to growing your business right now by a lot. The fact is that not everybody wants to grow, and some people who really would like to grow don’t aren’t ready to do what’s necessary to make it happen.

…If I believe your business model has legs. By “business model” I mean your market niche, products and services, pricing, expense structure, distribution system, and your ability to make a profit. I have to believe I really can help you reach your goals. You see, part of my fee is based on your success, and on top of that, I guarantee you’ll be happy with the results. That means I have real skin in the game. If I don’t think success is likely, I won’t take your money, and I won’t waste your time.

If you are in the right industry. Seriously? I’m not even sure how many different industries I’ve worked in. Whatever the exact number, my methods have proven consistently effective over all of them.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a product or service business. Operate online or offline. Sell to consumers or businesses. Work locally or globally. Produce a high-tech specialty service or a low-tech commodity. Are a sole professional working in home office or are a large company with plant, equipment, buildings and tons of employees.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in retail, distribution, consulting, finance, advertising, training, software, health care, construction, communications, manufacturing, information products, hospitality, direct sales, raw materials, import/export, some weird, unique service, or some other strange and wondrous and oddly-configured business. The strategies and tactics we will employ will work for you.

I tend not to work with real estate, mortgage or securities brokers. I also don’t work with supermarkets, and I rarely work with practicing attorneys. These are not hard and fast rules, but if you’re in one of these businesses, you might be better served working with someone else.

…If you are committed to producing results and willing to work on a one-year time horizon. Face it. The kinds of results we produce take a bit of time. If you want what you want within 30 days, I might be able to help you but I cannot guarantee it. My clients are willing to go the distance to get what they want, and believe investing a year to do so makes complete sense. This doesn’t mean you won’t see results much sooner than that. Most likely you’ll get some of what you want in short order and I’ll do my best to make sure you do.

How we work

If we decide to work together you’ll start by completing my Strategic Growth Analysis. This is a series of deep questions that make you think more deeply about your business than ever before. Many new clients tell me this is a real eye-opener.  Many have said they’ve gotten their money’s worth in this step alone.

Next, we will get together for a Strategy Session. We generally at dinner, followed by a full day and another half-day. Often this meeting takes place at my home in San Diego, but it could be anywhere, depending. We’ll dig deeply into your situation and examine many different aspects of your business.

We’ll analyze your market, your products and services, your opportunities, your staff, your infrastructure, your finances. We’ll look at your beliefs about your business, your customers and your overall mindset.

We consider everything that’s relevant to putting your business on the fastest possible path. By the time we’re done we’ll have a go-forward strategy and a game plan to get your business operating at the next level so that you can reach your goals.

Over the course of the next twelve months, we’ll have a series of scheduled phone meetings to keep your growth program on track. These conversations are typically two to three times a month. After each phone meeting you’ll commit to a series of action steps. This is how we insure steady progress towards your business goals.

Between scheduled conversations you may need attention on something. Questions, ideas, issues, documents, marketing or sales emergencies, negotiations… Anything. Unscheduled and unlimited, we’ll use email, IM, text, phone, Skype… I am committed to helping you grow your business, period.

Occasionally during the year we may meet face-to-face again if circumstances call for it. 

Our work is based on a twelve-month agreement. The annual retainer fees range from $60,000 to $100,000 depending your last year’s revenues.  25% of the fee is paid upon signing our agreement, with the balance paid over the rest of the year. There is also a success fee of 2% of the year-over-year increase in revenues, paid quarterly.

I do something rare in coaching and consulting: I guarantee my work. I can do this because I know my own track record. The full details are written into our agreement, but it’s basically like this: work with me seriously for the full 12 months and do the things you agree to do. If at the end of 12 months you’re not happy with the results, we’ll either work to make it good, or I’ll refund your money. You can only win.

Next steps
If you think we’re a fit for each other and would like to work with me, the first step is to answer a few questions about your business and your goals. You’ll have a quick conversation with my executive assistant, and then we’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your goals, resources and such.

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Please be sure to read this information before you request a business coaching consultation

If your sales are less than $1 million and you are not prepared for this level of investment, and still want ongoing coaching, advice and support to grow your business, click here. I would love to help you out. Go here to find out how

We do offer a limited number of 2-day strategy makeovers. If you are interested in revamping your business strategy for rapid growth, and do not want ongoing business coaching, click here to find out more about Private Strategic Workshops.

If you want to use my strategies and tactics, but need a more do-it-yourself solution, my Blueprints to Profits Business Growth Program will be perfect for you. Another option is my Getting Started In Business Program: The Business Blueprint. Drop us a note to find out more.