This is something most people do as the year is drawing to a close, but this type of thinking is valuable any time you feel the need to turbo-charge your business. Or any other part of your life, for that matter.

It’s something I use with my private coaching clients, and it’s also part of Blueprints to Profits. It’s called the Personal Strategic Blueprint.

Now if you’ve spent any time in that weird place called Corporate Planning, you might recognize this as a deviant, somewhat casual form of a S.W.O.T. analysis.

But don’t let that scare you, because it works! Follow along and you’ll get the key to taking full advantage and getting maximum leverage from your strengths and your assets.

The video is a quick 28 minutes. I know… A bit long for most attention-deprived internet surfers. Hang in there, it’s worth it. You can also download the mindmap of the video and use it as a guide to the personal strategic blueprint, as well as a two of the tools I use with my private coaching clients. Set aside some time and do this.


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Download your mindmap and worksheets here

Personal Strategic Planning Blueprint (S.W.O.T.) Mindmap

Evaluating Your Strengths Worksheet

Listing Your Assets Worksheet



16 Responses

  1. Brian

    Thanks for sharing this video Paul.
    It seems we can see more opportunities coming at us than before and this allows for better decision making.

    After going thru the process, I realized that there was no linkage between the “Strengths/Assets match with opportunities” pairs with the vision/goals in personal and business I had written in the first half of the process.

    (I just reviewed and saw where you evaluate quality of the matched pairs based on potential to realize core goals, but that seems like a lot of the goals areas won’t be satisfied or even evaluated.)

    I am considering going back and only listing Opportunities (and maybe Threats) to Making Each Major Goal Area. Would this be overkill?

    • admin

      Hi Brian,

      The Vision / Goals part of the process is more about priming your mental thinking/sorting. The linkage could definitely be “tighter” and more explicit. For the most part, people – once primed – will naturally select only opportunities that have the potential to deliver on their goals. So, I’d say your solution is not overkill, as Opportunities that can’t satisfy your goals aren’t really opportunities at all.

  2. Michael


    Our company does a lot of strategy development for non-profits and I really appreciated an introduction to this model (lots of similarities but some important distinctions) as we plan for 2011.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Glenn


    The value you share consistently warrants the description ‘outstanding.’ Your content is ALWAYS substantive, actionable and coincidentally, much appreciated. Thank you for never serving up ‘fluff.’

    In short, you are a blessing to those you serve. For this reason alone you warrant our attention. In no undertain terms, you are an entrepreneur’s best friend.

    You illuminate entrepreneurial endeavor from the perspective of a consumate professional. The concise lessons that emerge may be likened to priceless nuggets of business wisdom. You are the difference between receiving the valuable slides of a presentation and of receiving the value that is inherent to those slides.

    Thank you.

  4. Adam Gordon

    I think I’ve said this before. I teach/train/consult in much of the ideas you present- but damnit, why can’t I present it so clearly and coherently as you do.

    Yet another excellent presentation.


  5. Brett T. Smith

    Hey Paul,

    Dude — that was some awesome content my man!

    Loved the worksheets and mindmap also.

    You definitely could have sold this instead of giving it away for free but I’m happy you did.

    You ROCK!


  6. ck

    When it comes to Opportunity ideas that someone would like to pursue.

    How do you do know if the target market has money for this?
    How do you know if they would be interested?
    How do you decide how much to specialize dig into the niche. with out making the market to narrow and not have enough sales. Thanks Paul this is a great Strategic Plan,

  7. John Chancellor

    Well laid out strategic plan. Everyone should go through this exercise. It will give you clarity on what to work on and allow you to set priorities.

    This is extremely valuable. You could spend a lot of time and energy putting this all together – but here it is all laid out for you. Paul should be charging dearly for this. Unfortunately most people will watch the video and think how great … yet not go through the steps … what a shame because the value is in doing the exercise.

  8. Ciaran Doyle

    Hey Paul,

    Great piece of information, have spent the last few days doing it and have found out some amazing things about myslef and my business, thanks my man


    • admin

      Hey Ciaran, Thanks for stopping by. Tell your friends about it. Too bad we didn’t spend more time in Minneapolis – when are you coming to San Diego?

  9. Elaine Sebring

    Paul, I’ve used SWOT in my corporate career, but to be honest, it never worked out because the process doesn’t get to the point of action. Congratulations, you’ve actually squared the circle! This is very, very helpful. Thank you. Have you looked at Gary Hamel’s work? –Elaine Sebring

    • admin

      Elaine, I hear that a lot. Corporate SWOT never really works. Glad this does, though! –paul

  10. Rick Cavanagh

    Paul —

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve always been told I had to improve my weaknesses, and it always seemed like a dumb idea. It is! Play to your strengths, man

    Rick C.

  11. Missy Rockstone

    Hey Paul, Great video, as usual. I especially like the part that says it’s okay to blend personal and work stuff and that getting one right really does support the other. Thanks.. Missy


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