Attention: Consultants and business coaches who are stuck in a rut, can’t get to the next level, or just getting by…


What Every Consultant and Coach Absolutely Must Know… About Growing Your Business to
the Level You Deserve


Spend three solid, hands-on, action-filled days with me and a small group of consultants and business coaches, and we will solve the 3 biggest challenges in your business…


Dear frustrated, underpaid consultant or coach,

If you could change ONE thing about your business starting today, what would it be?

As you may know, I’ve been asking new and experienced consultants and business coaches what their greatest challenges are.

And what I found out may surprise you. I made a strange discovery. See if you can tell what it was.


When I asked the NEW business consultants and coaches what their biggest challenges were,

here is what they said:

My biggest challenge is getting new customers.

I don’t know how to make my services more attractive to customers.

I don’t really have a niche.

I need more high ticket clients.

So, those were the most important issues for the newcomers.

Have you ever found yourself thinking or saying anything like that?


I then asked the same question of those who were EXPERIENCED consultants:

“What’s your biggest challenge?”

It’s difficult getting clients I like to work with.

I love the clients I have, I just need more of them.

I’m not getting my message out in front of the right people.

I need to find more clients who can afford what I want to be paid.

So… can you tell what the key difference was?

The only difference was “time served.” In other words, they BOTH had the same issues.

That’s right. With very few exceptions, you could read the response and you wouldn’t be able to tell if they’d been in the business for a day or a decade.


I had answers from people who’ve been in the business as long as eighteen years, and their biggest problems were EXACTLY the same as those who’d just begun:

#1: They don’t have as many clients as they want.

#2: They don’t have the kind of clients they want.

#3: They aren’t getting the fees that they want (and deserve).

Even the few who mentioned issues that seemed different on the surface were actually citing symptoms of the same cause – not enough business.

* * *

So what does that mean to you?




And if you’re fairly new to this industry, it’s a cautionary tale:

The Problems You’re Facing Today
Are the Same Ones You’ll Face 10 Years from NOW
Unless You Do Something Unusual


Because solving these issues early on in your career – if ever – is clearly unusual.
On the other hand, if you’re experienced, the message is slightly different.
And maybe a bit more painful:

The Problems You’re Facing Today
Are the Same Ones You Had Years Ago…
And They’ll Continue to Be an Issue for You
Unless You’re Finally Ready to Do Something Different

This is really tragic.

And, unnecessary…


Over the past few months I’ve spoken to a number of very capable, talented consultants and coaches  – people who REALLY deliver a tremendous amount of value, but they aren’t earning what they’re worth.

They love their work, but they’re frustrated that their work isn’t supporting them the way it should.

Not only that, but if you’re like many of them, while you tell people you have a lot of “freedom,” there aren’t many hours that most people would call “free time.”

If you’re not working on your business, you’re working in it.

If you’re not working in your business, you’re thinking about it.

If you’re not thinking about your business, you’re worrying about it.

So you got into this business to make the big bucks, to “call the shots” and do things your way, to have the creative, professional and personal freedom you want… and it seems like you can’t quite get enough of any of them.

Even those who felt they were “doing well” were not satisfied with their current situation- they felt like they should already be at the next level.

And all this thinking, all this wondering and worrying…  Has it really done anything to fix the problem?

You might ask yourself… HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?

* * *

How is it that a consultant can get their business off the ground…
assemble a clientele…
deliver the goods…
And STILL be struggling to get to the next level?

For most consultants, the seeds of this future difficulty are planted right from the start. The most common pathway into consulting is to take your hard-won expertise, leave your current job, and take on a few people you already know as clients.

It’s a great way to get started, because it eliminates the need to hunt down new business, and avoids the problem of going for an unknown period of time without a reliable paycheck.

And while this is the safest path in the short-term, it plants the seeds for some serious “issues” in the long run…

They get busy, throwing themselves into the work they produce for their new clients. Life is good. But things are not quite as good as they seem…

I recently spoke with a business coach who actually runs a pretty profitable business. He’s making a very good living. Matter of fact, he’s in the top 10% income bracket of all business coaches in the world.

So what’s the problem? He’s getting tired of working with people in crisis mode. While he’s gotten very good at turning things around for his clients, there are some people in this world where the drama NEVER ends. And he’s become an expert at attracting them.

While some would say the worst thing imaginable is being skilled and not having enough high-paying clients, he would argue that the worst scenario is having a full lineup of the WRONG kind of client.

Solution? He needs to change his positioning so he’s attracting the right clients, and repelling the wrong ones. But it’s one thing to know this, and another to do something about it. How can he do this…quickly?

A lot of very talented, very experienced consultants who have been in business for years still struggle with keeping their plate full of high-paying clients who are perfectly suited for the kind of results they consistently produce, or WANT TO produce.


Because when they originally built their businesses, instead of precisely defining their ideal clients and designing an offer that they couldn’t refuse, they followed a “First Available” strategy for getting clients- which isn’t much of a strategy, is it?

And as they move forward in their business, as they grew in experience, even as they knew better, they never replaced this approach with a more effective one. They just graduated to a model of “Next Available,” where instead of consciously choosing other business evolved, they stumbled into a collection of clients that were exactly a perfect fit – certainly not a set of ideal clients.

Then one day, you wake up and look at your business and wonder…


And you begin your to wonder how, or even if, you can change things so you have the business you intended to have when you first started.

It does NOT have to be this way.

* * *

Paul Lemberg Alanah 1-1My name is Paul Lemberg and I’ve been helping business owners to double, triple, quadruple, even grow their profits more than 10X. I’ve been doing it since 1995. What makes me unique in this industry is that not only do I charge some of the highest fees in the industry, but if you asked me what my biggest challenges are, they are NOT the ones so frequently mentioned by the people I’ve surveyed.

I have created what is for me, the perfect business.

It’s built around MY strengths, MY preferences, MY lifestyle.

I earn a mid to high six-figure income year in and year out, and I’ve done so for many, many years. I spend the vast majority of my time in areas that I’m keenly interested in. My clients have goals that I can help them reach faster.

They have needs that I can fill. They have problems that I am ideally suited to solve. They take maximum advantage of what I have to offer, they have challenges that get me up and out of bed in the morning without needing an alarm clock, and they pay what other, non-ideal clients would call “exorbitant fees.”

Now I’m not pointing these things out because I think you should want exactly what I want. Naturally, you have your own interests and preferences.

I’m pointing them out because I have the freedom of CHOICE:

  • I have the ability to live where I want
  • I can travel to destinations that many people never see
  • I spend my time – personal and professional – with people I enjoy ….

Because I’ve built a business that supports me and enables me to live as I choose.

Has life always been rosy? Absolutely not…

Just like anyone else who’s been in any industry for any length of time, after 18+ years, I’ve seen my share of market swings, radical changes in choices and preferences, the collapse of entire industries, and sweeping changes that nobody had predicted and no one had expected.

But through it all, the one constant, the one thing I could always rely on, the one thing I could always go back to, the thing that has never failed me, is the system I had created to build my profitable coaching business. And that system alone can cure a lot of ills.

What about you?

What would you like to change about your current business?

If you could have just one MAJOR improvement in your business, what would it be?

Have you stopped to consider what your perfect business would look like?

What would your days be like?

What would you spend your time doing?


* * *

One of the primary benefits of using the systems and approach I’ve developed is that

 You start with your lifestyle as the FIRST priority.

Next, you focus on your strengths.

And THEN you build the business around those priorities…
in that order…

So that the business serves YOU,
instead of the other way around

But the key to reaching the point where the business is completely built around you is to do things differently than you have up to this point (what got you here won’t get you there). So my question is,

Are you willing to do something different, to try something you haven’t tried yet,
to get the results that you want?


* * *

About a year ago,Perry Marshall, a marketing pro who charges $25,000 a year just to join his mastermind, began calling me “the consultants’ consultant.”

I was humbled and pleased by that compliment at the time. Still am.

The main reason he chose that term was because, not only am I capable of teaching how to build the ideal business coaching/consulting practice, I actually still PRACTICE what I preach. The system I have developed is not something I “used to do 30 years ago.” Because I’m still in the business, I have developed it to meet the needs of today’s marketplace.

And while there are a number of reasons why I earned the label of “Consultant’s Consultant” from Perry, those reasons stem from my unique ability…

You see, every single time I face a new problem or challenge, I naturally and automatically go into “system design mode.” I don’t think about it, I don’t make a decision to do it. I just… find myself doing it.

The moment I begin solving a new problem, I start documenting my processes, testing, tweaking and recording my steps, so that once I’ve solved this issue, I never have to solve it from scratch again.

And this habit of mine – to design systems at every point of the way- has served me quite well over the years.

Not only has it made me more effective and efficient in my business coaching work, but if there’s a magic to it, it’s this: the systems I design enable ANYONE to do what I’ve done.

Yes, anyone. Including YOU.

In fact, if we compared notes, you have advantages that I don’t have. I’ll bet there are skills and abilities that you have that I would envy, and would have made my journey to this point much easier.

Combine what you’re already doing well with my systems and processes, and you have a…

A Unique Opportunity
– If You Qualify
to Solve Your Biggest Challenges in Consulting or Business Coaching


* * *

What if I told you I’m going to share my entire system –nothing held back – with a few, select, fortunate consultants and business coaches?

If you are ready for change, and you want to take the fastest route to getting those results, I am planning a private event for a small group of business coaches and consultants who are not satisfied where they are in their business… who don’t want to settle for slow, incremental progress… who are ready to make that leap to the next level NOW…

And I would like to show you how to get to the next level- however YOU define it- by adapting my systems to completely transform YOUR consulting or coaching business into what YOU want it to be.

This is going to be a no holds barred, one-of-a-kind three-day intensive where I cover the what, when, where, why and how of what I do, which allowed me to build one of the most successful business coaching practices on the planet.

There is not another program, course of study, or seminar that is as up-to-date, thorough, and all-encompassing as what I am about to show you here.

* * *

This 3-Day Hands-On Workshop Will Give You The Most Effective Way to Solve All Your Marketing, Positioning, Lead Generation and Client Conversion Problems…

Building Your Practice Around
Your Strengths,
Your Talents,
Your Lifestyle

This isn’t going to be the kind of event where you sit in a crowded hotel room, butt planted in an uncomfortable conference room chair, passively downloading data for 3 days. It’s going to be a hands-on workshop in my high-rise penthouse, overlooking the city and San Diego Bay.


425 Skyline July 8 Spicy-1


As I said, I’m limiting this group to a small number of people. We can’t possibly make the kind of progress we’ll need to make in 3 days if we have an auditorium full of people. We need to keep it small so we can focus the needed attention on YOUR business.

I’m going to be hosting this event September 12-14

And while I’d love to say that I could just talk for 3 days, wave my magic wand and you’d be “healed,” you know as well as I do that real results require real effort. That’s why I’m calling it a workshop.

I’m looking for a small group of get-it-done business coaches and consultants who want to transform their businesses and reach the next level, who understand that a consistent flow of high-quality prospects is the LIFEBLOOD of that transformation.

Are you prepared to do what’s necessary to make it happen for YOU?

If you’re looking for substantial improvement in your practice, it’s not enough just to fiddle at the margins. While there’s often power in tiny changes, you have to make the right moves in the right places.


To get a quantum improvement in your business, you need to take a different action, choose a new course, make a new decision, in order to experience a different result.

And if you’ll break your routine and set aside September 12-14, I will personally help you make that shift.

We will strip down your business and find out where the “difference that makes the difference” lies in your coaching or consulting practice.

It will take some effort. But it’s certainly not ditch-digging.

The good news is that I’ve already figured out for you what works and what doesn’t.

So we’ll be focusing ONLY on what works, and we’ll be diving into the specifics of the areas that are most in need of help in YOUR business. Think back to the list of things that both new AND experienced business coaches want most:

  • More Clients
  • Better Clients
  • More Profitable Clients

When people ask, how do you explain what it is that you do?

Do you phrase it in a way that captures your best prospect’s attention?

Does it capture ANYONE’S attention?

There are a number of exercises I’d like to take you through in order to get this problem solved.


When you get your message on point, and start describing what you offer in a way that speaks directly to your ideal prospects, the business becomes nearly effortless.

Effortless for you to communicate. Effortless for your ideal prospects understand.

When you get to San Diego, we will take you through a complete process that will leave you communicating what you do, the value of your offer and the results you produce with the clarity, power and precision that has prospects saying, “Are you taking on any new clients?” and leaves you feeling in control.

Before we get into the specifics, we need to discuss something…

* * *


A number of consultants think they have some of these issues “handled,” but after talking with some of their prospects and clients, I found that they were the ONLY ones who felt that way.

No amount of “fancy footwork” can fix a faulty foundation.

So as you’re reading this, if you find yourself thinking, “This doesn’t apply to me,” I’m wondering…

Does your bank balance back up that statement?

Would your spouse agree?


If you’ve read this far, I’m thinking maybe not?


When is the last time you put your business under the magnifying glass?

Even those – ESPECIALLY those – at the top of their game continue to practice, refine and reengineer their systems. This “check-up from the neck up,” is critical to continued growth. If you want to reach a higher level, this is something you do on a regular basis.

And when you’re looking for rapid improvement, it’s not wise to leave any stone unturned, is it?

Imagine yourself, trying to work with a client who has a glaring blind spot.

You’re about to (gently) suggest that you work together in this area.

Just before you do, they say, “I’ve already got that handled… I just want the magic beans.”

Those “magic beans” aren’t going to do much good until the fundamentals are fixed, are they?

So if there’s even a WHISPER of the thought that you “already have this handled,” I would suggest that it’s very likely that this is one of the areas where you’ll see the MOST opportunity for improvement…

* * *


Right off the bat, we’re going to establish – or reestablish – the very foundation of your business.

  • Clearly and explicitly define precisely what you want from your business from here on out. It’s difficult to hit a target that you can’t see, and over and over again, I’m continually hearing about some nebulous “next level” that business coaches and consultants want to reach. But it’s so poorly defined that I’m not sure they would recognize it even if they reached it. And because so poorly articulated, it’s not likely it will ever happen. Were going to put this behind you. For good.
  • We’ll also delve into a number of exercises, one of which will point out some of the biggest misconceptions about goal setting, and how these fallacies keep people from making any meaningful progress at all.. And we’ll also make sure that you’re not making any of those mistakes. 
  • Choose a niche… Finally! It’s amazing to me how money coaches and consultants are in business for years and STILL haven’t picked their niche. Part of the problem is most people’s definition of “niche” is far more restricting than it needs to be. At the same tiem, you have to have focus your resources in order to move forward. We will find that focus and together, narrow your scope enough so you can say something meaningful to someone, instead of trying to be everything to everyone. 
  • Next, you’ll work on defining what your position will be inside your niche. You’ll narrow it down until it packs a punch for anyone who hears it. 
  • Then we will pull these elements and a number of others together so you have a cohesive marketing approach. 
  • Finally, we’ll end the day structuring your offer so we can maximize the perceived value to your clients, which will help you to maximize your fees.

You’ll walk out of day one with more clarity than you’ve ever had in your career – a critical launching point for the next step of your career.


Once most business coaches and consultants reach the point where their practice is close to capacity, their next move is typically to upgrade their client base.

It’s a nice step up when you finally get to the point where you first “level up” the caliber (and the pay grade) of your clientele. A raise is always nice, especially when it starts to match the impact you’re having on your client’s businesses- and their lives.

The next significant challenge for business coaches and consultants is something they know is coming, but it’s easy to ignore. You finally have the kind of income you dreamed you could have, plenty of clients, and interesting work.

Flying high, growing businesses, helping clients achieve big breakthroughs, cashing big checks, transforming businesses and the lives of those you work with.

It’s intoxicating.

Once someone moves up in this business and develops a better clientele, they get extremely busy servicing that new group of clients. You want to do an extraordinary job for your clients, and you throw yourself into the work. Analyzing their problems from every angle, brainstorming as many solutions as you possibly can, determining what the best fit is for this particular situation, and advising and course-correcting every step of the way, right alongside the client. The cash flow is stable and life is good.

But eventually, the work is done, or the client changes course, and clients needs replacing.

And strangely, at almost the exact same time, and almost without fail…

Something else happens…

A different client has an unexpected catastrophe and needs to stop working with you.

Or has a midlife crisis and decides to sell the business or simply “cut back in a few areas.”

Or more catastrophically a client dies and the business is inherited, sold, or simply closes.

These things rarely happen by themselves as an isolated event.  Like celebrity deaths, they often “come in bunches.”

What was a smooth and gentle drift down the river of dreams now becomes a rough ride in a barrel over the falls. The trap door opens and the bottom falls out of your cash flow.

Now  you’re scrambling to replace that cash flow… and it better happen FAST.

Funny thing- the world never seems to cooperate when you NEED money, does it?


And your big giant problem is you don’t have a system in place to bring you a steady stream of ideal clients.
So now you’re struggling to replace the clients – and the income – you were enjoying up until a minute ago.

And it doesn’t feel okay…

It feels like P-A-N-I-C.

“I’ve got a MORTGAGE to pay!,” or something else just as serious and just as demanding.panic

And do you think your panic/fear-based/scarcity frame of mind is attractive to your clients? Do new clients seem to flock to you in those moments?

No. It’s just the opposite.

When someone – especially a COACH or CONSULTANT – needs money, they REEK of desperation… Prospects can smell it on them.

They can see you coming a mile away.

Your phone calls aren’t being returned. Your emails go unanswered…

And anyone you manage to corner starts to quietly back away from you. So now you’re hustling. Time passes and you begin to lower your standards for who might be a good client. Maybe you even cut your fees.  After all, you need to make ends meet.

Your chief qualifying criteria become:

1 – Do you have a pulse?

2 – Can you write a check?

Clearly, this is not a model system to attract an ideal client.

Finally you get a few new clients who meet your now compromised standards and fee schedule.

It begins to feel as if your crisis is solved, your disaster averted. After all, you didn’t lose your home, and you didn’t need to “take a job.”

“Hey, maybe it wasn’t as bad as I’d been telling myself.”

You promise yourself you’ll look for a replacement right away, and never to put yourself in this position again.

But you get busy again… And the whole episode of cash-flow-free-fall quietly fades from your memory.

Then – one day – it happens all over again. Clients start to “leave” and it’s famine season again…

Been there?

Done that?

Some people spend their entire careers on the FEAST-FAMINE roller coaster. Ask most experienced consultants or coaches what their cash flow is like, and if they’re honest they will tell you that it’s been an up and down… Massive spikes and heart-stopping declines.

Do you have a system in place that generates leads at will,
allowing you to reach into the river and fill your pipeline
with ideal clients whenever you need?

My vision of the ideal business coaching practice is one that produces PERFECT CLIENTS ON DEMAND. It takes some work to get it set up initially, but once the essentials are in place, it takes only modest effort to keep it running.

Nowadays, when I have a client engagement that I know is wrapping up in a few months, I ALREADY have a running list of replacements. About 6 weeks in advance, I plug these prospects into the qualifying process, to determine who will produce the most profits for me, whom I can help the most and add the most value to, and who is most likely to make the most of what I have to offer.

Before my existing client’s contract has expired, I already have his replacement signed up, ready to begin the process without me skipping a beat.

And the new client is paying me as much, and sometimes more, than the client who’s being replaced.

For me, this is the ONLY way to run a business coaching practice.

And on our second day together in San Diego, I’m going to show you how to get to this point in YOUR coaching/consulting business.

* * *

Day 2: Marketing Mastery: Developing a Lead Generation System

Once we have the fundamentals of Day 1 under control, we can move on to building on that foundation. On Day 2 we’ll cover the following:

  • Determining what level of activity is necessary to achieve the goals you’ve established
  • Choose the set of lead generation tactics appropriate for you based on your goals, industry, positioning and other, perhaps more personal, constraints.


It seems like a day doesn’t go by and there’s a new way to market. Frankly, the choices we had last week were more than enough. When you think it though, you’ll quickly realize MOST of the marketing channels do not make any sense at all. We will narrow this down to your “vital few,” so you’re spending the least amount of effort for the greatest yield

  • We’ll cover content and generate topics so you’re not faced with “blank page syndrome.”
  • We’ll discuss tracking and lead management tools, based on your needs.
  • NO MORE GUESSWORK: You’ll end the day with a completely clear road map for what needs to be done once you get home.

Now that you’ll have systems in place, you’ll have more than enough prospects. But sadly, prospects don’t pay the bills – only clients do. So on our final day together, we’ll help you master the client conversion process…

* * *


Are you completely comfortable and at ease during a sales conversation? Do you twitch or hesitate when you ask for the money? Are you afraid to ask for what you really want because you don’t want to lose a potential client?

MY SECRET WEAPON: THE SALES GODDESSRhonda Anderson from Video 164

One of the things that I found in teaching my sales system is that a fundamental ingredient to my success was the MINDSET behind what I was doing.

If you don’t have the right attitude, the right approach, the belief structure, an understanding of the thinking behind the system, it can be difficult to get the same results as someone who has those things in place.

So I asked Rhonda Anderson – around here we call her “The Sales Goddess”– to join me in this workshop to teach the philosophical and psychological underpinnings of this system. In other words, to help you master the art AND science of selling coaching.

On Day 3 you’ll lay a proper foundation to get the optimal results from the system. Plus you’ll uncover and replace any beliefs, attitudes and mental blocks that – if you don’t take care of them – will prevent you from getting maximum value from your coaching and consulting practice.

Now, you may be sitting there thinking, “I’m already good at selling.”


Here’s Why Day Three Is Such a Critical Day…

There is no doubt about it.

Mastering your business requires, among other things, mastering sales…

And Mastery is a function of time invested and the number of times you do something. Most consultants and coaches have fewer than 12 or so clients at at any given time. So really…

How many sales conversations can a person have over the course of a given year? Is that REALLY enough repetition to gain mastery?

Depending on the nature of your business and the exact number of clients you have, you might just have to “gear up” and REMIND yourself of what you’re supposed to do during a sales conversation.

So it’s rare in this industry for a person to fully develop an effective sales approach, because having a sales conversation is a rare event – even for successful consultants.

The reason I asked Rhonda to help me with this is because we really need to ensure that you leave my home with the most effective sales process possible.

Because there simply aren’t a LOT of sales conversations taking place, you really do have a LOT riding on each one, don’t you?

Rhonda has coached, trained and consulted thousands of salespeople over the last 23 years in a wide range of organizations that live and die by their sales results. She’s the one who was quickly called in when companies were at risk, and heads were about to roll if the sales didn’t pick up NOW.

She’s also worked on many projects where companies had to quickly boost their numbers so they could merge, acquire or be acquired by another company. More often than not, someone’s ass was on the line based on the quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even HOURLY sales figure. Yes – hourly – as crazy as that seems.

A lot of what passes for “training” from so-called “sales trainers” is really just teaching on stage, spinning ancient, 30-year old stories and delivering “pearls of wisdom” without any interaction, engagement, feedback, or any means of tracking whether or not there was any actual IMPROVEMENT based on the wisdom “bestowed” on a large crowd.

When the game is on the line, Rhonda has an innate, intuitive sense of not only what needs to be done strategically, as well as where the tactics need to be adjusted, revamped, or completely replaced in order to create the conditions that allow the sales to start flowing – immediately.

She has also spoken with and interviewed more buyers of high ticket consulting and coaching services than you and I ever will in our entire lifetimes.

She understands the psychology of the buyer
– the person who will ultimately write your checks –
better than anyone I’ve met in my career.

That knowledge of buyer psychology, coupled with a thorough understanding and command of the mindset, strategy, tools and tactics needed to merge the needs, wants and aspirations of your clients to the services that you offer — will prove extraordinarily valuable to you.

She has actually worked in the trenches, directly with salespeople, finding their weak spots and polishing their strengths to transform them into effortless, ETHICAL salespeople.

I’ve never seen anyone in the sales training field who’s able to take people who are completely inept in the sales field, help them quickly identify their blind spots, reveal and replace their self-limiting beliefs, and start feeling really good and completely natural with her approach to the sales conversation.

If you don’t need major surgery in this area we are going to help you with high-leverage refinements that lead to substantial, permanent increase in your ability to close sales with your ideal clients, with the commensurate improvement in your income.

However, if sales is one of your major challenges, Rhonda’s got you covered as well. Over the course of our three day workshop, and particularly during our Day 3 sales intensive, you will be amazed how easy and comfortable the sales process will be- for both you and your clients.

* * *

In 3 fast-paced days, we’ll have completely re-positioned, revamped and rejuvenated your practice.

For perhaps the first time in your business, you’re going to have a solid, air-tight positioning, messaging and converting SYSTEM.

No leaks, no confusion, no inconsistency.

When you reach this level of congruence, you’re going to notice a difference in yourself, and in others. The world starts responding to you in a COMPLETELY new way. You may have heard the old Napoleon Hill line before, “The world makes way for the person who has definiteness of purpose” but it takes on a whole new meaning when you’re living it.

Let’s quickly recap…

Here’s what you get over the course of three transformational, hands-on days:

  • A hand-picked niche chosen to capitalize on your unique strengths.
  • A succinctly articulated positioning statement that sets you apart as unique and distinct from others in the market- one that helps you put your best foot forward, in a way that speaks in a loud and clear voice to your ideal prospects
  • Strategies to build your visibility in your community, industry niche, and online market
  • You’ll learn how to sell coaching and consulting, mastering it in a way that doesn’t FEEL like selling to you or your clients
  • We’ll show you how to package your services and products in a way that creates a strong sense of value for your clients
  • You’ll discover how to price for maximum profit. You’ll also see how to use price as a positioning tool to set you apart and create a powerful sense of value.
  • We will show you how to identify and attract the “right” clients- those you enjoy working with and have the ability to easily pay your new, higher fees
  • Strategies and systems to build a continual stream of high-quality client leads so that your practice is always full. This will allow you to pick and choose among the prospects who you most want to work with.
  • How to manage your time so that the business is built around YOUR preferences and your lifestyle, not the other way around.
  • The best way to deliver your services so that you create highly effective client outcomes inside of how you want to live.
  • An in-depth review of my consulting services agreement, which has been 12 years in the making. It’s simple to understand while effectively covering all the bases.
  • A coaching intake process that creates so much value that clients will respond with feedback like, “You’ve already earned your fee.”
  • Finally, you’ll leave with a step-by-step action plan to immediately begin attracting and converting your ideal prospects, put these systems to work, and skyrocket your income.


* * *

If you’re ready to step out of the slow lane and into onto the expressway to the next level,
Click here to apply now:

Apply Now h-100

There’s nothing really available like this system. Virtually all of the “coaching” training models teach you how to become a therapist-for-hire. While there are times when we feel like we’re playing the role of “helping professional,” that’s not the kind of work that leads to the big bucks. And if you’re reading this letter, you’re probably not interested in that line of work. It’s just not useful and productive for business minded people.

And I’ve taken a look at a number of the offerings that are out there to help you build your business. I’m not going to name names, but there is one system in particular where you pay a substantial amount of money and you get access to a portal that contains a hodgepodge of materials, stories, and training that would be better described as a grab bag then a truly integrated system.

There’s another system that’s been around for quite a while, but if you lay down the 10 to 20 grand for it, you’ve just bought yourself a job: you’ll be spending the next 18 months modernizing the system and materials, just to try to bring them into the 21st century, much less 2013.

Another guru has put together what’s being referred to as a “system,” but it’s more like a random collection of disjointed modules. Can you piecemeal it together and cobble it into a patchwork system? With a little bit of bubble gum and bailing wire, maybe.

But with several hundred students already having taken the training, there’s only a small handful of success stories.

And while they’ve updated version 2.0 to include a few new “tricks” to get more clients, how well do you think that system will work once 500-600 more “students” (and their friends) get their hands on it?

There are also a number of other charismatic speakers who dance around the subject of how to build a coaching or consulting business, but there’s almost always the same huge flaw: their system is dependent on THEIR unique personality.

Remove their dynamic (eccentric?) personality, and what looked like a “system” topples like a house of cards. You simply can’t execute the quirky way they do.


You shouldn’t be expected to change who you are
in order for a system to work.

What bothers me is when you’re dealing with the issues that we’ve talked about in your business, and you look around for solutions out in the marketplace, you’re faced with a choice of “Which solution is the LEAST incomplete?”

I’m not saying that there isn’t value in these other offerings. But none of those PIECES offers a completely integrated system of tools that are designed to work alongside each other, in concert, to reinforce, amplify and multiply the results that you get from each component.

And remember: I’ve designed my systems so that ANYONE can use them.

While you may experience a substantial amount of new clarity and personal growth during this 3-day event, you don’t have to change who you are for this system to work for you.

I’m not only giving you access to all my critical systems here, I’ve also wracked my brain for anything I might add to make sure that NOTHING is left undone.


* * *

I wanted to eliminate any excuse that someone could possibly have that would get in the way of succeeding with this system.

So for this group only, I have decided to add a few bonuses.

Put these systems to work in place of, or together with, the best of yours, and selling and providing your services becomes so effortless, you’ll wonder how you ever did it the old way, or even why.

My systems will help you to make the transition from one engagement to another a smooth and effortless maneuver.

Once you have access to my business building processes and follow the simple steps to deploy it, you can step off the “Boom-Bust” ride for good.

You’ll be given a number of short-term strategies designed to quickly increase your cash flow, and you’ll also be shown a system to have these tactics working for you at all times, with very little continuing effort on your part once you have them in place.

Apply Now h-100

If you’re the kind of person that I HOPE you are, when it comes to the important things in life, you’re not content to slap your name on something that’s “good enough”. In your area of strength – when your client is counting on you – you don’t rest until you’ve given your best.

When someone needs results, you deliver.

And I’m just as committed to giving you everything you need to move forward… fast.

I have put my heart, mind and soul, my blood, sweat and tears into this system.

When it comes to building your business so you can live the life that YOU want to live, I’m completely committed here to getting you there.

I’m holding NOTHING back. Everything you need to get you to the next level is here.

And even though this 3-day event, in and of itself, should be enough to propel you and your business to the next level, I’ve decided to include a number of bonuses that will add even more boost to your bottom line.

* * *


I’ve decided to include a special bonus for you to help skyrocket your credibility.

Do you have a website? (You DO have one, don’t you?) Take a look at your bio page. You know what’s missing after your name? “…author of the book, __________.”

Because that’s what you’ll be able to say when you come to this workshop.

Do you think that maybe having your name on a book might make it just a little bit easier to attract and convert your ideal clients?

Nothing boosts your credibility like having authored a book. While others are handing out their flimsy, Vistaprint business card with the awkward, Fiverr-designed logo on it, you’ll be handing out a book with your name on it –  the best “calling card” you could possibly have.

You know as well as I do that having your own book, with YOUR name on it, with YOUR picture on it, with YOUR bio in it is an indisputable credibility builder. Even if they never read the book, the fact that you are a published author sets you apart from the crowd in a way that’s impossible to replicate any other way.

You already know this has a huge amount of value.

But yet… What’s stopping you from getting it done?

Maybe it’s the time, focus and energy it would take just to get the book written:

It would take at least 160 hours of continuous time just to write a decent book.

Double that amount of time just to edit it.

That’s at least 8 weeks.

Do you have an extra 8 weeks of free time available?

For everyone who attends this event, I am including white label rights to my book, “Earn Twice as Much with Half the Stress.” I am going to give you my book to use however you like. You can change the title, edit it, add or delete chapters, make it niche-specific. You’ll have full rights of use and reproduction.

Speaking as someone who has done this a few times, I would give my right arm not to have to write another book as a credibility builder.

We’re looking to make this business easy for you, not add another task for you to accomplish. So once your prospects reach the conclusion that they need what you have to offer you, what do we have to do next? We have to sign a contract…

Is your contract a help or a hindrance? Is it completely airtight or is it still a work in progress?



Now that you have a custom designed system to attract an ideal prospect and you’ve had a compelling sales conversation, the last thing you need is to lose them because you stuck a contract under the nose that just doesn’t “smell right.”

How well is your contract holding up? Is it possible that some of the business you’ve lost along the way is due to problems that your contract is creating?

A lot of coaches and consultants lose business at this stage because their contract creates more conflict than agreement. What you need at that point is a tight, clear and concise contract that neither intimidates, confuses, or obfuscates. You want a contract that covers all your bases, without creating doubt or hesitation in the client’s mind.

Since you will likely change your practice as a result of this workshop so that it better supports your lifestyle, wouldn’t it be helpful to get a copy of my contract, so you know how to restructure your agreements?

I spent $5,500 in legal fees to create an agreement that takes care of the essentials. And over the course of 18 years, I created who knows how many – over 43 – revisions along the way to dial this down to the essentials, and tweak it so it clearly spells out my role and responsibilities, takes care of the legalities WITHOUT the legalese, and eliminates “scope creep” without jeopardizing the sale.

Not only do you get a chance to look at my contract, I’ll actually walk you through it step-by-step, explaining the thought process behind each part, the reasons why I developed it the way that I did, and we’ll discuss the implications as well as any questions you have about it. We’ll also explore what it does NOT have, so you know what kinds of things you should avoid in your own practice.

And yes, I’m going to give you a copy of it for your personal use. You can use this contract as your own, or you can take aspects of this and modify the agreement you currently use.



Once we have our new client, we need a process specifically designed to wow them from day one.

You’ve just taken on a new client ideally suited for what you offer and they’re excited about working with you. They’ve agreed to pay you a substantial fee, and their expectations are sky high.

This is a critical point in the relationship, as it sets the tone for the rest of your relationship. If you don’t stomp out every last hint of buyer’s remorse, it will cast a pall over your relationship for the rest of your agreement.

The very next action you take with them has to be orchestrated to bolster your value, reinforce your credibility, and eliminate any doubts they may have had about having made the right decision in working with you. So on your first day, you really want to blow them away.



My kickoff process is designed to do exactly that. We want to present you, and what you have to offer, in a way that makes them laugh away any thoughts they had about, “Gee, is this person really worth what we’re paying?” The key here is to absolutely obliterate any doubts that they have and replace them with total confidence in you.

I’ll be sharing my Kickoff Questionnaire at this workshop. This document- and the process you follow in using it- virtually guarantee that your new clients will be giving you feedback like I have consistently gotten MANY times over the course of my career: “You’ve ALREADY justified your fee.”

Now… 3 days is a short amount of time and during our time together we need to focus on the “vital few” things that will have the most dramatic impact on your business.



easy buttonOne thing I’ve found in talking to many business coaches and consultants is that they have a real need for tools to help them but they don’t even realize it.

Consultants who’ve been in the business awhile have developed things to help them do their work, but quite often, those who are BEST at the actual work of consulting are not the best at creating tools, checklists, forms and processes to help THEMSELVES get the work done quickly, easily and efficiently.

Even though they feel like they have this area “handled,” they end up spending more time in delivering solutions than they should. Again, this business should SUPPORT your lifestyle. And the best way to do that is to find whatever means possible to shorten the time that it takes you to do your work once you have acquired an ideal client.

Of course, the newer people in this field are most concerned with acquiring clients. So while most of their efforts are concentrated there, the idea of creating shortcuts and time savers on the fly isn’t their first priority. So fleshing out the systems gets short shrift and they end up reinventing the wheel to a large degree with every new client. This is terribly inefficient, and definitely not the road to an ideal business.

So I’ve decided to include a number of tools as bonuses to help you get this aspect under control.

The Quantum Growth Coaching System

Over 50 coaching models – approximately 700 printed pages worth of material I created for my franchised coaching program. I spent $1.2 million in 18 months of my life creating, assembling and refining this system that was designed to help business coaches and consultants to help their clients double their business and solve their greatest challenges as quickly as humanly possible.

This is a “coaching-system-in-a-box.”  You’ll quickly put your name on this system and you can use it in your business immediately. Here are just some of the things this system will do for you:

  • immediately establish you as an expert, head and shoulders above consultants who’ve been in this business for years
  • turbo-charge your ability to increase clients revenues and profits. If you follow my system, bigger results mean bigger fees, and this system will allow you to amplify the skills, talents and abilities that you’re already bringing to the table for your clients.
  • break complex processes into very simple and approachable systems
  • enable you to establish optimal pricing for any business
  • walk you through a SWOT/growth strategy analysis and the creation of a game plan for the business

If YOU (the coach/consultant) study the modules you’ll know a lot more about how to grow a business than 98% of the people on the planet.



One of the biggest traps that business coaches and consultants fall into is that they spend far too much time producing deliverables and assisting in the implementation phase of the project. Not only does that force you to spend far too much time working in your business, it also puts a serious limit on your income – if you’re spending too many hours doing low-level work, it limits the amount of clients you can work with.

So to help you overcome this problem, I’m also including rebranding and resale rights to my “Turnkey Your Business” systemization program. This program has generated more than $3 million in sales for me personally.

The smartest and highest-paid consultants on the planet fully understand that you can’t be spending time handholding, cajoling or assisting clients in 101-level tasks.

When you’re working with a client who loves your ideas, but is struggling to implement, what do you do? Do you step up and pitch in?

It’s tempting if you care about your clients, but is the highest and best use of your time? Is that REALLY where you’re going to add the most value?

Rather than running to the rescue and diving in to save the day, you need to be able to hand them a system of tools designed to help them help themselves. To get the work done that needs to be done in order for them to reap the rewards of the solutions you come up with…

Without YOU having to do the implementing.

Once one of your clients realizes that there is a big gap between the idea of “Do X, Y and Z,” and actually executing, they have another problem that they need to solve. And too often, it suddenly becomes the consultant’s job to do something about it.

There are very, very few coaches and consultants who have the ability to pull something from the shelf and hand it to the client and say, “Here, use this. Call me when you get this done and we’ll review your results.”

When you discuss the cost in terms of time, effort and frustration, it should be obvious to you that this is a pretty easy way to turn a pain point into a profit center. Rather than trying to figure out how you can coach them through this process, the smart response to this is, “I have a solution for that.” And then you hand them this system, and they get back to work. If you have any sense at all, you’ll be charging for this. So now you have another profit multiplier in your business.

Here’s what my systematization program will allow you to do:

  • create foolproof systems for marketing your business (once in place, these systems will automatically bring new customers to your clients, more sales and new profit streams… even if you’re on vacation)
  • A simple strategy that will eliminate, once-and-for-all, the frustrating “peaks and valleys” in your clients’ monthly sales so they won’t have to dip into their credit line or business savings anymore
  • How to eliminate profit-draining activities from their business so they can re-invest their time on activities that will directly influence the bottom line (HINT: Some of the activities they think are beneficial for the business are actually a huge waste of time.
  • A simple way for them to train new team members quickly and easily without sacrificing their valuable time. (HINT: This strategy has two parts: first it will show them how to rapidly make new team members productive… and then how to make them great)
  • A proven, seven-step process they can use to ramp up the effectiveness of any business system they already have in place (imagine what this could mean to their bottom line when you systematically improve their sales process or lead generation models)
  • How to create a “virtual dashboard” so that with one quick glance they can instantly determine which aspects of their business are running at optimum levels… and which aspects need immediate attention.

With this system, PLUS all the bonuses, what else could you possibly need
to create the business- and the lifestyle- that you want?

* * *

So. . . what’s this going to cost?

Well, let’s take a look at the value of what we’re going to accomplish, and what you’re going to receive when you join me in San Diego on September 12-14.

What is the value of finally nailing down the target that’s best suited to you?  To finally get the focus that everyone talks about as important, but nobody has?

How much is finally getting your USP, the marketer’s “Holy Grail” worth to you? What’s the value of being able to finally articulate what you bring to the table? To be able to clearly, precisely and confidently communicate your value with laser precision to your ideal clients?

Do you see the career-changing value in being able to use a book to promote yourself?

Will it help for you to have a step-by-step game plan for you to follow the minute you get home? One that’s specifically designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be?

What will it mean to you to have spent an entire day re-vamping your sales approach, with a veteran sales trainer who’s added over half a BILLION in sales to company bottom lines?

Oh, but we forgot about the bonuses…

First, the rights to the book. If you were better positioned, shouldn’t you AT LEAST be able to get higher fees, if not more?

Then, the Consulting Services agreement. Is it possible that a better contract might make it easier for your clients to sign with you?

Next, the coaching system-in-a-box. If we add to your toolbox, and make it easier to get more done in less time, is it a stretch to say that would allow you to add more clients, or simply work less?

Also, the Turnkey Your Business System. Solving problems and creating opportunities will be SO much easier with this in your toolbox. You’ll expand your reach and increase the breadth and depth of your market. How could that NOT add to your bottom line?

The cost to attend this workshop? A ridiculously low $8,900.

In a lot of ways, this is really almost unfair to price this event, these systems, and the bonuses so low. I have no intent of hosting an event like this again. This is almost certainly a one-and-done. While I may continue to work in the business coaching/training arena, I’m confident that I will never offer all of these valuable elements together in a package like this again.

* * *


Is that out of line?

If you’re not completely confident that you should be able to pull this off, I have to ask, why?

Considering the fact that you’ve already gotten as far as you have WITHOUT this system, without these tools, without these bonuses, I think it’s fair to say that you’re competent and capable, aren’t you?

So why aren’t you already where you want to be?

Because you haven’t put this system to work for you yet.



Let’s say you were only earning $60,000 a year right now, with 6 clients total.

[If this sounds like you… and you’ve recently started, you REALLY need to be here, especially if you want to shave years off your business growth curve].

And let’s say you come to the event, get all the training, instruction and guidance we’ve promised you here- all the strategies I’ve developed, the tools, tactics and bonuses I’ve promised you.

And then, you completely screw this up. You don’t do half of what’s listed on your plan, you expand your skill set just 10%, and you only add 2 new clients in the next 12 months, adding a paltry 20% increase to your fees. You lose half your pre-existing client base, but you replace them using our new system.

2 new clients plus 3 replacement clients x $12,000 = $60,000.

Plus, your 3 old clients at the old rate of $10,000 = $30,000.

That’s a total of $90,000 in earnings. A “disappointing” 50% increase for the year.

That’s a 300% ROI in just the first year, with a seriously lackluster performance.


But let’s say that ISN’T YOU…

Let’s say you have some experience, even a lot of experience.

And let’s say your clients pay you $50,000 a year retainers, or even $75,000 retainers as some of mine do. Add two or three new clients – again, not an “amazing” result – over the next 12 months and that’s a 10x, 15x or even a 20x return on your investment.  Or even more…

I’m 100% confident that you will succeed using this system, so I’m placing not one, but TWO guarantees on this workshop.


Guarantee #1: Risk-Free Money Back 

First, apply for acceptance to the program. Once you’re approved come out to the worksh

op. If by 2PM of the second day of the program, you’re not completely convinced that we’re delivering the goods, tell me that you’ve decided to leave. You can walk away, keep all the notes, worksheets and knowledge that you’ve gained in the first two days, and we’ll refund your money with no strings attached. Plus, I’ll let you keep the rights to the book bonus as a thank you for even considering this.


Guarantee #2: Put the System to the Ultimate Test

Take all the knowledge, insights and training from the entire conference. Create your step-by-step, custom-designed roadmap to take your business to the next level. I will personally review it and make any comments, suggestions or alterations I feel are needed to get you to the level you want.

Go home, and implement what we’ve created. Prove to me that you’ve followed at least 80% of the steps we outlined, and if you haven’t gained at least ONE client in that first 90 days, I will personally work with you until you do.

As you can see, not only am I guaranteeing that the system LOOKS like it will work, I am guaranteeing that IT WILL WORK, so long as you put it to use.

If you’ve been struggling with the issues I mentioned earlier- the lack of good prospects, being held hostage by a client base at unacceptably low fees, a lack of an effective sales system, a constantly at-risk income, or a business model that requires too much of you for too little money, this is the program that will solve those problems for good.

Life is too short to continue selling yourself short.

Let me help you get to the next level NOW…

Click the Apply Now button and get this process started.

Apply Now h-100


For you, this system is almost the equivalent of a modern day treasure map.

The reason I say “almost” is because a treasure map leads to a one-time event.

And once you’ve spent the money, it can’t be replaced.

Then, you need a new treasure map. Good luck with that.

The program you will learn in San Diego is a SYSTEM. It’s designed to be replicable and reusable.

If you will do the work I give you at this event, and follow the simple steps that we custom-design around YOU, it won’t be a one-time reward.

You will be able to produce highly profitable prospects who turn into perfect clients for your offering again… and again… and again.

Once the groundwork is done, it will only require a minimum of effort to maintain momentum.

The only “X factor” is the people using it. The only thing that we need to do is make sure that we’re putting the right people into this program.

This is one of the reasons why will be screening the candidates who apply for this program.

So before you apply, there is just one more thing I’d like to cover.

What Are You Risking If You Don’t Take Action on This?

As I mentioned before, the one constant, the one thing I could always rely on, the one thing I could always go back to, the thing that never failed me, was the system I created to build my business.

I want to help you to move to the next level- to move beyond where you are currently, to immunize yourself to the ups and downs that most consultants and business coaches face.

If you want to have the ability to go even higher and play a bigger game, to have the ability to expand your influence, and make a bigger contribution, following my system will allow you to do that.

Even when life throws a curveball at you in other areas of your life that you can’t control, you will have this business to put food on the table, provide and care for yourself and your family, no matter what happens in other areas of your life.

Just the knowledge, deep down, that no matter what happens, you will always have the ability to build your business, or anyone else’s, to transform someone else’s life in ways they couldn’t have imagined… that in itself is the kind of freedom most people- even career business coaches and consultants- will never have.

And no one can take that away from you.


Click the “Apply Now” button to take the first step in designing your future….

To Your OUTRAGEOUS Success,







Paul Lemberg


P.S. I’m supposed to tell you what a great value this is, and give you one more reason to sign up. Here it is: with the package we’re offering here, even if you only do a half-baked job implementing, you will easily be able to recoup the entire cost of the program WITH THE VERY NEXT CLIENT. Think about what’s being offered to you here – how could this business NOT be easier once you’ve got my systems and the bonuses? Click here to APPLY NOW.

Apply Now h-100

P.P.S. There is no “perfect” time to upgrade your business. There are always reasons to delay, postpone. And if you do that, you could easily find yourself 18 years in the business, at a level not much higher than you are now (just like one of the business coaches I surveyed).

You are going to leave San Diego with a fresh outlook, a new attitude about your business AND yourself, with the tools to actually DO SOMETHING about it.

If you decide to pass on this and wait until the next time, you’re going to wish you hadn’t. I promise you: I am unlikely to offer a package like this at this low a price ever again – the individual pieces could be sold for substantially more in smaller packages or individually. If you miss out right now you’ll spend more, you’ll have lost the income which you could have created… but more importantly, you’ll have lost the time… which is truly irreplaceable. Don’t lose another dollar, OR another precious moment: APPLY NOW.

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