Attention: Consultants and business coaches who are stuck in a rut, can’t get to the next level, or just getting by…


If You Qualify, You Could Be on Your Way to the Kind of Consulting or Coaching Business You’ve Only Dreamed Of…


Spend three solid, hands-on, action-filled days with us and a small group of consultants and business coaches, and we will solve the 3 biggest challenges in your business…






I’m Paul Lemberg and for the past 18 years I’ve been helping business owners, coaches, and consultants to double, triple, quadruple, and even grow their profits more than tenfold…

What makes me unique in my work is that not only do I charge some of the highest fees in the industry, but if you asked me what my biggest business challenges are, they are NOT the ones so frequently mentioned by the people I’ve surveyed.

I have created what is for me, the perfect business.

It’s built around MY strengths, MY preferences, and MY chosen lifestyle.

I earn a mid to high six-figure income year in and year out, and I’ve done so for many years. What I find personally so exciting is that I spend most of my time focused on things in which I’m keenly interested.

And you can too…

My partner, Rhonda and I have developed a SYSTEM that solves the biggest problems most business coaches and consultants face.

How do we know? Because we asked over a thousand of them to tell us. The results were astounding.


See if any of the following sounds like you:

My biggest challenge is getting new customers.

I don’t know how to make my services more attractive to customers.

I don’t really have a niche.

I need more high ticket clients.


Or maybe you’ve been in the game for a while and the challenges sound more like:

It’s difficult getting clients I like to work with.

I love the clients I have, I just need more of them.

I’m not getting my message out in front of the right people.

I need to find more clients who can afford what I want to be paid.


No matter whether you’ve been at coaching or consulting for five days or fifteen years, I guarantee that we can help…

But only when you listen and take action.

* * *


Think about this for just a moment…

What would your life be like if you were to be able to CHOOSE YOUR PERFECT CLIENTS… and they WANTED to pay you what you were worth?

You see, OUR clients have the right kind of goals for their lives… and because of that, AND because they get the kind of help and support they need… they reach those goals faster than most believe possible.

Our clients – the people we CHOOSE to work with – have needs that we can fill. They have problems that we are ideally suited to solve. They take maximum advantage of what we have to offer.

And they have challenges that get us up and out of bed in the morning rarely ever needing an alarm clock…

And they pay what other, non-ideal clients would call “exorbitant fees.”

Now I’m not pointing these things out because I think you should want exactly what I want. Naturally, you have your own interests, goals, and preferences.

I’m pointing them out because I have the freedom of CHOICE:

  • I have the ability to live where and how I want
  • I can travel to destinations that most people never experience

And most importantly…

  • I spend my time – personal and professional – with people I enjoy…

All because I’ve built a business that supports me and enables me to live as I choose.

* * *


A Charmed Life…

Has life always been rosy?

Absolutely not…

Not even remotely…

I’ve had several different careers, and when I first began advising business owners there was no one to point the way for me. It took time to figure out how to build the business, and during those first few years I seriously struggled financially, sometimes barely earning enough to feed my family.

After a while I turned that around, but just like anyone else who’s been in a field for any length of time, now more than 18 years, I’ve seen my share of market swings, radical changes in choices and preferences, the collapse of entire industries, and sweeping changes that nobody had predicted and no one had expected.

On top of that, I’ve had my share of business failures and reversals.

But one key trait that’s made the biggest difference for me is that I’m what people call a “tool-builder” or a “system-builder.” This means that I experimented a lot and whenever I figured out what worked I created tools and systems to keep it going.

* * *


About a year ago, Perry Marshall, a marketing pro who charges more than $25,000 a year just to join his mastermind, began calling me “the consultants’ consultant.”

I was humbled and pleased by that compliment at the time. I still am.

The main reason he said that was because not only am I capable of teaching people how to build the ideal business coaching/consulting practice, I actually still PRACTICE what I preach. The system I have developed is not something I “used to do 30 years ago.”

Because I’m still in the business, I have developed it to meet the needs of today’s marketplace.

And while there are a number of other reasons why I earned the label of “Consultant’s Consultant” from Perry, those reasons stem from my unique approach…

And this is your opportunity to learn from Rhonda and me and other experts who have made the mistakes, spent the time, and lost all the money… so you don’t have to.

* * *


So what about you?

What would you like to change about your current business?

If you could have just one MAJOR improvement in your business, what would it be?

Consider for a moment what your life will be like when you’re able to transform the aspects of your business…

Just go ahead and think about that for a few minutes…

Now, imagine doing that in 3 days.

Yes, three days…


What if I told you we’re going to share our entire system – nothing held back – with a few, select, fortunate consultants and business coaches?

If you are ready for change, and you want to take the fastest route to getting those results, we are planning a private event for a small group of people who are not satisfied where they are in their business… who don’t want to settle for slow, incremental progress… who are ready to make that leap to the next level NOW…

This is going to be a no holds barred, one-of-a-kind, three-day intensive where we cover the what, when, where, why, and how of what we do, which allowed us to build one of the most successful business coaching practices on the planet.

There is not another program, course of study, or seminar that is as up-to-date, thorough, and all-encompassing as what I am about to show you here.

This isn’t going to be the kind of event where you sit in a crowded hotel room, butt planted in an uncomfortable conference room chair, passively downloading data for 3 days. It’s going to be a hands-on workshop in our high-rise penthouse, overlooking San Diego Bay.


425 Skyline July 8 Spicy-1

Here’s what you get over the course of three
transformational, hands-on days:

  • A hand-picked niche chosen to capitalize on your unique strengths
  • A succinctly articulated positioning statement that sets you apart as distinct from others in the market – one that helps you put your best foot forward, in a way that speaks in a loud and clear voice to your ideal prospects
  • Strategies to build your visibility in your niche, your community, and your online market
  • You’ll learn how to sell coaching and consulting with integrity and respect, mastering it in a way that doesn’t FEEL like selling to you or your clients
  • We’ll show you how to package your services and products so that you create the greatest value for your clients
  • You’ll discover how to price for maximum profit. You’ll also see how to use price as a positioning tool to set you apart and create a powerful sense of value
  • We will show you how to identify and attract the “right” clients- those you enjoy working with and have the ability to easily pay your new, higher fees
  • Strategies and systems to build a continual stream of high-quality client leads so that your practice is always full. This will allow you to pick and choose among the prospects who you most want to work with
  • You’ll have a set of marketing approaches that work specifically for YOU that give you enough opportunities for the least amount of effort possible
  • Easy and flexible ways to manage your time so that the business is built around YOUR preferences and your lifestyle, rather than the other way around
  • The best structures to deliver your services so that you create highly effective client outcomes and which support the way you want to live
  • My consulting services agreement, which has been 12 years in the making. It’s simple to understand while effectively covering all the bases
  • A coaching intake process that creates so much value that clients will offer feedback like, “You’ve already earned your fee”

Finally, and most importantly…

You’ll leave with a step-by-step action plan to immediately begin attracting and converting your ideal prospects, put these systems to work, and skyrocket your income.

* * *


So. . . what’s this going to cost?

Well, let’s take a look at the value of what you’re going to accomplish and what you’re going to receive when you join us in San Diego on September 12-14.

What is the value of finally nailing down the target that’s best suited to you? To finally get the focus that everyone talks about as important, but nobody has?

How much is finally getting your messaging straight worth to you? (You know, of course, this is the marketer’s “Holy Grail”…) What’s the value of being able to finally articulate what it is you bring to the table? To able to clearly 000and confidently communicate your value with laser precision to your ideal clients? Do you see the career-changing value in being able to use a book to promote yourself?

How much is it worth to have a detailed, step-by-step game plan to follow the minute you get home? One that’s specifically designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be?

What will it mean to you to have spent an entire day re-vamping your sales approach, with a veteran sales trainer who’s added over half a BILLION in sales to company bottom lines?

And… If you had all these things, plus the marketing plan, the sales ability and the perfect pricing…

What is the value to you of one more client, especially one at your new higher prices? What is the value to you of three new clients? Or even ten new clients over the course of the next year?

* * *


Oh, but I forgot to tell you about the bonuses…


We’ve included a handful of critical bonuses for you.

Let me tell you why they’re critical.


Bonus #1: A great business book to call your own

Everyone knows the value that having a book can bring. A book is the greatest calling card you can have short of holding high political office, being CEO of a Fortune 500 company or winning a Nobel Prize. A book with your name on it says you’ve developed a certain level of expertise and have all the bragging rights that come with that. It also indicates that you know what you’re talking about and that people should listen to you.

The downside of a book is that it takes a lot of work to create. A lot of work… So even if you started today it could be six months or a year before you had something to show for it. My first book actually took me almost three years start to finish because I was building my business at the same time… (Oh, just like you…)

Of course, you could hire a ghost-writer to do this for you, but it would cost you at least $10,000 and still take you a ton of time.

So the first bonus is a book for you. It’s actually my second book and I’m giving you unlimited “white-label” rights to change the title, put your name on it, edit it, add or delete chapters – in short – you can customize this 200 page book in any way you see fit and immediately have a book to call your own.

This book will radically increase your position in the market and your standing with clients. And if you were better positioned, shouldn’t you AT LEAST be able to get higher fees, if not more?


Bonus #2: my Consulting Services agreement.

Since you will likely change your practice as a result of this workshop wouldn’t it be helpful to get a copy of my contract, so you know how to restructure your agreements?

I spent $5,500 in legal fees to create an agreement that takes care of the essentials. And over the course of 18 years, I created over 43 revisions along the way to dial this down to the essentials, and tweak it so it clearly spells out my role and responsibilities, takes care of the legalities WITHOUT the legalese, and eliminates “scope creep” without jeopardizing the sale.

I’m going to give you a copy of it for your personal use. You can use this contract as your own, or you can take aspects of this and modify the agreement you currently use.

Bonus #3: Business Growth System in a BoxMarketing-Messaging-Cover-300px

I’ve built over 50 business growth modules – approximately 700 printed pages worth of material created for my franchised consulting and coaching program. I spent $1.2 million and 18 months of my life creating, assembling and refining this system that was designed to help business coaches and consultants to help their clients double their business and solve their greatest challenges as quickly as humanly possible.

Again, this is a “white-label” license so you can put your name on it and use it in your business immediately.

Having this system will immediately establish you as an expert, head and shoulders above consultants who’ve been in this business for years.

It will turbo-charge your ability to increase clients’ revenues and profits. And of course you know that bigger results mean bigger fees, and this system will allow you to amplify the skills, talents and abilities that you’re already bringing to the table for your clients.

Plus – and this is HUGE – when you actually study this material, you’ll know a lot more about how to grow a business than 98% of the people on the planet.

So, once you put your name on this incredibly documented system of modules along with all the knowledge contained in them, do you think it’s a stretch to say that would allow you to add more clients – lots of them – or, if you’re so inclined – simply work less?


Bonus #4: The Turnkey Your Business System

One of the biggest traps that business coaches and consultants fall into is that they spend far too much time producing deliverables and assisting in the implementation phase of the project. Not only does that force you to spend far too much time working in your business, it also puts a serious limit on your income – if you’re spending too many hours doing low-level work, it limits the amount of clients you can work with.

Several years ago I created an information product that was the world’s first system for creating systems inside of any business.

Now you know that many of your clients’ problems stem from not having systems. Do you think it would HELP YOU secure clients and HELP THEM solve their problems if you had a way to easily teach them to create those much-needed systems?

We’re including rebranding and resale rights to “Turnkey Your Business.” Put your name on it. Re-record it if you like – it comes with complete transcripts.

It will immediately establish you as an expert in a critical aspect of your work. You’ll expand your reach and increase the breadth and depth of your market. How could that NOT add to your bottom line?

By the way, I have sold several million dollars worth of this product online and on stages all over the world at prices anywhere from $1797 to $4997. So besides using it with your clients, sell just a few copies to pay your entire tuition for this workshop.

* * *


The cost to attend this workshop? A ridiculously low $8,900, or three payments of $3300 each.

In a lot of ways, this is really almost unfair to price this event, these systems, and the bonuses so low. We have no idea whether or not there will be another workshop like this and we’re almost certain we’ll never do another program with all of these valuable elements together.

But seriously… Now that you understand what you’re going to accomplish over these three days, along with the systems and bonuses you can put your name on – you can certainly see how much easier it will be for you to get new clients… The kind of clients who will pay the fees you deserve.

In fact, just one of those new clients will pay for your attendance at the workshop several times over.

Just one… Imagine what putting the whole system to work for you will do…

We’re 100% confident that you will succeed using this system, so we’re giving you not one, but TWO guarantees for this workshop.


Guarantee #1: Risk-Free Money Back

First, apply for acceptance to the program. Once you’re approved come out to the workshop. If by 2PM of the second day of the program, you’re not completely convinced that we’re delivering the goods, tell us that you’ve decided to leave. You can walk away, keep all the notes, worksheets and knowledge that you’ve gained in the first two days, and we’ll refund your money with no strings attached. Plus, I’ll let you keep the rights to the book bonus as a thank you for even considering this.

Guarantee #2: Put the System to the Ultimate Test

Take all the knowledge, insights and training from the entire conference. Create your step-by-step, custom-designed roadmap to take your business to the next level. I will personally review it and make any comments, suggestions or alterations I feel are needed to get you to the level you want. Go home, and implement what we’ve created. Prove to me that you’ve followed at least 80% of the steps we outlined, and if you haven’t gained at least ONE client in that first 90 days, I will personally work with you until you do.

As you can see, not only am I guaranteeing that the system LOOKS like it will work, I am also guaranteeing that IT WILL WORK, so long as you put it to use.


For you, this system is almost the equivalent of a modern day treasure map.

The reason I say “almost” is because a treasure map leads to a one-time event.

And once you’ve spent the money, it can’t be replaced.

Then, you need a new treasure map. Good luck with that.

The program you will learn at our home in San Diego is a SYSTEM. It’s designed to be replicable and reusable.

If you will do the work I give you at this event, and follow the simple steps that we custom-design around YOU, it won’t be a one-time reward.

You will be able to produce highly profitable prospects who turn into perfect clients for your offering again… and again… and again.

Once the groundwork is done, it will only require a minimum of effort to maintain momentum.

Apply now for a free 30-minute consultation focused exclusively on the next steps in getting more high-paying clients for your business

Click the “Apply Now” button to take the first step in designing your future. If you qualify, we’ll schedule a 30 minute consulting call via phone or Skype. This consultation will be focused exclusively on the next steps to get you more clients for your business. Also, we’ll be able to decide if this workshop is a fit for you and if it is then we can help you get started. If you look on my website you’ll see that we typically charge $1,000 for a one-hour call, so the value to you should be obvious. But just to be clear: there is no charge for the consultation and no matter what, we’re quite sure this call will provide tremendous value for you as you gain clarity on how to make more money and have more clients.


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To Your OUTRAGEOUS Success,







Paul Lemberg


P.S. I’m supposed to tell you what a great value this is, and give you one more reason to sign up. Here it is: with the package we’re offering here including the 3-day workshop and the white-label rights to my intellectual property, even if you only do a half-baked job implementing you will easily be able to recoup the entire cost of the program WITH YOUR VERY NEXT CLIENT. Think about what’s being offered to you here – how could this business NOT be easier once you’ve got my systems and the bonuses? And as I said above, the free consultation – all by itself – could set you on a new and profitable course for your business.

Click here to APPLY NOW.

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P.P.S. There is no “perfect” time to upgrade your business. There are always reasons to delay, postpone. And if you do that, you could easily find yourself 18 years in the business, at a level not much higher than you are now (just like some of the business coaches I surveyed).

You are going to leave San Diego with a fresh outlook, a new attitude about your business AND yourself, with the tools to actually DO SOMETHING about it.


If you decide to pass on this and wait until the next time, you’re going to wish you hadn’t. I promise you: I am unlikely to offer a package like this at this low a price ever again – the individual pieces could be sold for substantially more in smaller packages or individually. If you miss out right now you’ll spend more, you’ll have lost the income which you could have created… but more importantly, you’ll have lost the time… which is truly irreplaceable. Don’t lose another dollar, OR another precious moment.

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