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High-Performance Growth Strategies to
Radically Expand Sales and Profits

Ramp revenues, produce profits, capture market share, build wealth, sell your company for the most money possible

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[content_box title=”Business Coaching and Advisory for Extraordinary Business Results” icon=”fire” image=”” link=”http://themeforest.net/user/ThemeFusion” linktarget=”” linktext=””]If you want to rapidly expand your business’ revenues and profits, and you’ve done all the things you know how to do, it’s time for a breakthrough business adviser who can craft high-performance growth strategies and shepherd them to implementation. You need someone who’s done it,  helped hundreds of business owners do it and More… [/content_box]

[content_box title=”Strategy Sessions” icon=”thumbs-up” image=”” link=”http://themeforest.net/user/ThemeFusion” linktarget=”” linktext=””]You need a new business strategy, or perhaps want to review your current one. I can help you craft the next growth phase of your business, I’ve done it hundreds of times. And sometimes all you need is a single day with me. No matter what you need to work on – a full-day Strategy Session can create MIND-SHIFTING openings for your entire business along with specific opportunities for income, profits and satisfaction that will transform your world forever! [For more on Strategy Sessions…[/content_box]

[content_box title=”Rent My Brain” icon=”fast-forward” image=”” link=”http://themeforest.net/user/ThemeFusion” linktarget=”” linktext=””] Some people call this “fast forward hours.” If you have a thorny problem you can’t solve, or a huge opportunity you need some highly focused short-term advice on… More…[/content_box]

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Bob Negen, Whiz Bang Training "Mostly because of a few simple things like repackaging our product, lots of upsells, and a continual stay-in-touch campaign, here's what happened: in our first year with Paul training and product sales were up 89% and profits grew 292%. In our second year, sales went up 122% and profits jumped a crazy 950% "
Tom Bell, Yes I Can "Paul Lemberg's coaching and strategy work helped us quickly develop a membership and continuity program that added several million dollars of recurring back-end revenue to our very healthy internet-based grant guide business."
Captain Steve Harden, Lifewings "I was always extremely busy, and thought I couldn’t take on any more to do. Of course I wasn’t always doing the right things to make my business grow. Working closely with Paul I discovered exactly what to do, and more importantly how to do it, to dramatically ramp up my sales, systemize my processes to handle the growth, and organize the executive functions of my team. Last year I went from never having enough time and wondering if my company was going to make it, to doubling my revenue while working less. Just two months into this year, we have already booked enough work to quadruple our revenues (400% gain) and will double again before the year is out."
Bob Serling, Product Lab "I'm a highly experienced consulant and coach myself, but when I needed advice on how to structure my new coaching program, I turned to the best there is - Paul Lemberg. By following his advice for fine-tuning my program, I received the first sign-up, worth thousands of dollars, just 17 minutes after sending out my email announcement."

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