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Personalized, intensive consultation filled with new ideas and opportunities for your business.

1-Hour Consultation with Paul Lemberg

Unique opportunity to super-charge your business. This high-powered, fast-paced consultation will focus on key issues and leveragable opportunities to accelerate your business.

No theory. No chit-chat. No fluff.

100% actionable tactics and strategies guaranteed to help you make more money and get what you want from your business.

As soon as you schedule your appointment with Paul you’ll get complete info on how to fully prepare and get the most from it.

Business Coach Consultation

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Immediate Digital Download

Price: $197

How to Build Your Businesses Growth Strategy Using the Exact Same Methods as Highly Paid Management Consultants


I have personally used this growth strategy roadmap and questionnaire to analyze and dramatically add revenues and profits to over seventy technology companies. By probing and dissecting your business with the detailed questions contained in twenty-two separate business-defining categories, you will identify important opportunities to grow your company, adding revenues and profits to your bottom line. The PDF Growth Strategy Report and Word worksheets package is available for immediate download.

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6 Hour Audio Program
200+ Page Manual

Price: $277

Earn Twice As Much
With Half The Stress

Do you want to earn more but don’t want to entirely sacrifice your non-work life? Or would you like to build your business quickly but don’t want to give up time with your family? Would you like to earn more with your business but not sure what to do next?

Are you afraid to set bigger goals because you think you might have to sacrifice too much of your life outside of work?

This program is the answer. Master business coach Paul Lemberg’s action-oriented audio program gives you the eight keys to building a business that delivers consistent predictable and scalable results. Loaded with specific examples of how real-life business people made it work. You can too.

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Digital Download

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Invest two hours… Transform Your Business

Discover Hidden Assets:
Business Building Guide

How to discover hidden value: Idea-generating, business development program

This exhaustive program of strategic and tactical questions enables you to rapidly diagnose, troubleshoot and optimize your entire business, from marketing to sales, finance to production. Based on over seventeen years of business development, strategic planning and business acceleration coaching and consulting experience, including work with hundreds of business owners. Click for more…

1 hour Audio Program


Price: $47

Strategic Planning for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever thought
that it was time to re-invent your business? Develop your business and marketing strategy at light-speed.

The Merlin Method for

Strategic Reinvention

In this fast-paced audio program you will learn how to rapidly create an effective business and marketing strategy and plan for its execution—even if you start with no idea where to start and how to get it done.

In this lively presentation recorded in front of one-hundred entrepreneurs and marketing executives, you will discover how to transform a purpose into a vision, a vision into a set of goals, and a set of goals into an action plan, complete with execution steps, a timeline and a measurement system.

You will do this through the magic of the Merlin Method—an advanced system for thinking backwards, from the future—as if all your goals had already happened.

Most people don’t plan because the planning process takes so long, and they don’t even know where to begin. And because it takes so long, the plan is obsolete before they get to put it into action. The problem is that lack of plans slows down their lack of progress.

Imagine the power of being able to rapidly transform your business to be generate greater revenues and profits. To be able to quickly build a plan and executive a strategy for a programs you thought weren’t even possible before.

Imagine what that could do for your business!

This is the perfect business-building program for small businesses, entrepreneurs, technology companies, and other fast-growing, fast-changing businesses that need a flexible planning process.

Recorded live at the High Tech Marketing Alliance in San Diego.

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Futurist, Predicting the Future

Digital Download

Audio mp3
plus transcripts, powerpoints and worksheets

Price: $47

Have you ever wanted to know the future?

How To Predict The Future
of Just About Anything

Do you need to know what is going to happen in your industry & your market? Do you need to know what is going to happen to your customers before they do?

Then you need to get this detailed, information packed presentation. "How to Predict the Future of Just About Anything" is loaded with with hands-on how to forecasts and techniques to understand the most likely trends and developments in your business. Includes live mp3 recording, PDF word for word transcript, PowerPoint slides and exhibits, worksheets, and resource guide.

From Chief Cook and
Washer to CEO
Digital Download

Price: $27

Is your business growing too slowly?

Go From Chief Cook &
Bottle Washer


It may be because of you! Yes you. The CEO, President, Owner, Founder or whatever position you hold. If you are like many entrepreneurs, you built your company based on special and valuable expertise you developed over the course of your career. Once upon a time that made sense, but not any longer. Now you can find out exactly what to do about it. Click for more


PDF E-book

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Digital Download

Want your very own master business coach to show you the ropes? Get the classic business best seller:

Faster Than The
Speed of Change

Need a coach, but don’t have the time it takes? Shave years off your learning curve and achieve the kind of success that makes it all worth while. This book written by one of the world’s top business coaches (no other individual business coach is ranked higher in Alexa) is filled with ideas and action steps distilled from Paul’s exclusive coaching and training programs.

This book is a fast read with short chapters so you can act fast and reach your goals quickly.

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Executive Coaching, Leadership, Strategy

Order the eBook and audio program togetherPrice: $47

Transform your business in every way, faster than you ever thought possible…

Faster Than The Speed of Change

This package combines Paul’s book Faster than the Speed of Change with an mp3 audio program of his top-selling leadership program, "From Chief Cook and Bottle Washer to CEO." You will learn the four key disciplines of entrepreneurial leaders, which apply equally to sole practitioners and executives running large organizations. Click for more…

Faster Than the Speed of Change, PDF e-book + Chief Cook to CEO audio program

Be Unreasonable

Buy a copy of my newest book, Be Unreasonable from Amazon.com

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