Goal SettingTwo  primary challenges for many entrepreneurs, particularly people just getting started,  is staying focused on the things that matter and maintaining a high level of action on those things.  Setting goals is helpful as it gets you thinking in the “right” direction. But because of all the distractions, all the opportunities, all the commitments in modern life, GOAL SETTING IS NOT ENOUGH. What really makes a difference is 1) setting goals, and 2) keeping them in the forefront of your consciousness.

You can do this by reviewing your goals once or twice daily: end of day to prepare your subconscious for sleep, and the beginning of day for obvious reasons.  An even more powerful strategy is to have a daily (weekly, whatever) ACCOUNTABILITY CALL with a partner. Use my four questions: what’s working, what’s not working, what’s missing, what’s next as an easy way to keep the conversation focused. (See the post here: http://www.paullemberg.com/unstuck/)

THEN… and this step is super critical — make sure that to the degree possible, all your actions, moment to moment, are in support of those goals.  Do that and the magic happens. Do that and your results will be magnificent.

It helps to be clear about the purpose of your goals and the meaning of achieving them. When purpose, goals, and actions are aligned everything becomes easy…

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  1. Marcelina Hardy

    Wonderful site with awesome information! I agree with you 100% and also concentrate on this process for business growth. I actually just release a free workbook that helps people with clarifying their vision, goals and actions steps – interesting since I just found your blog tonight. 🙂 I will be tweeting this … Thanks!

  2. Evette

    Great content! Yes, when setting goals we should always maintain it and always think of other possibilities specially when having different strategies.


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