Grow Your Coaching And Consulting
Income To A Healthy Six Figures,
Maybe Even 7-figures…

In September of 1995 when I first started helping small businesses increase their sales and profits there was no offical name for what I was doing. There was management consulting, but I wasn’t doing that.

There was “executive coaching,” and there was “personal coaching” but I wasn’t doing those things either.

Finally I had to make up a name for it… I simply called it business coaching (if only I’d trademarked it…)

I was a pioneer at that time (with the painful mistakes and “arrows” in my back to prove it). Since then my methods and systems have generated almost $400 million in additional profits and capital gains for my clients, myself and my coaching students.

bar graphToday, the systems I’ve developed earn me at least $600,000 a year from my coaching and consulting clients alone, and in some years – depending on how much of my time is dedicated to these activities – much more. By the way, I rarely spend more than two days a week working with clients. Some of my students and mentees who choose to work harder than me earn far more.

The point is that the systems I’ve developed over the years are pretty easy to use…

And more importantly, they’re easy to learn…

If you know my work, you know I’m a master at teaching coaches how to build robust, lucrative practices, and earn handsome six-figure incomes for themselves in the process.

My partner, Rhonda Anderson (around here we call her “The Sales Goddess”)  is a 25-year veteran of selling high-ticket services.  Over the years, she’s coached thousands of sales people, entrepreneurs and executives to have breakthroughs in selling high-ticket services. She’s a master at helping consultants and coaches close clients at higher-fees while doing it in a way that is…

  1. Low-key
  2. Non-confrontational, and
  3. Totally empowering for everyone involved

Together we have a lifetime of experience and we know how to be successful in this business. Sadly, for many consultants and coaches that simply isn’t true. For a lot of them, earning $100,000 a year is a dream as most earn less than a good executive assistant.

5 Major Problems That Limit Consulting Income…

Over the past year we’ve spent a lot of time looking at why coaches and consultants have these problems and it comes down to five major issues.

First, there’s the sales thing. A lot of people don’t like asking for money, so on top of that, it’s no surprise that they’re afraid to ask for higher fees and are just plain uncomfortable with selling at all…

Next is the whole marketing piece. Coaches and consultants often don’t have enough leads coming in – which makes it much harder to sell – and they rarely have a sustainable marketing program – one you can keep executing – to get those leads…

Many people have no clear position in the market they’re in.  They don’t have a reputation – no one knows who they are.  AND, everything they offer sounds like some “me too” thing as if their services are just another commodity. No wonder people don’t seek them out and it’s hard for them to sell.

And this might not be true for you…  A lot of coaches and consultants just don’t believe they are worth it. They’re just not sure they’re worth the higher fees they’d like to be able to charge…

Lastly, and for a lot of people this one is the MOST important…

They don’t have any content to call their own. They might not even have the skills or know how to create it.

(Handling this, by the way, can address most of the issues we just talked about…)

So as I said, we’ve given these problems a lot of thought and we’d like to help.

We’ve put together a three-day workshop to help you transform each and every aspect of your business so that none of these issues are ever problems for you again. So that now you can start earning the kind of money you deserve and really enjoy your business all while making a huge and measurable difference in the lives of your clients.

We call it The Millionaire Pro Coaching and Consultant Success Program.

We’ve designed this program to be an intimate workshop.  We’re holding it right in our San Diego home – much more comfortable than spending three days in some hotel… where you’ll get the 1:1 attention and interaction you need to make sure you get everything you came for.

The view from our penthouse.

The view from our penthouse – the location of this 3-day intimate workshop

If you are unreasonably committed to rapidly accelerating your coaching and consulting practice, this unique program is for you.

It won’t be a seminar.  In a seminar, you get lot’s of hype. You get info that may or may not be usable. You get lots of “pump you up” that let’s you down the minute you get home.

This program is different. It’s a workshop…

It’s going to be very hands-on.

After three days with us you will return home with the exact marketing mindset, tools you have customized and can use immediately, and the specific practices necessary to expand your businesses right away.

Here’s what you’ll get over three career-critical days:

  • First – and for some people The MOST IMPORTANT.. You’re going to get the tools you need so that you can get out and stay out of your own way…
  • You’re going to pick your market niche so that it fits you to a tee. Then you’re going to create your position in the market for you and your practice so that you are set completely apart and way beyond your competitors…  and clients seek you out because they want to work with  you and you alone…
  • Strategies to build huge visibility for yourself in your community, your industry niche, and online markets, both national and international.
  • You’re going to learn to sell coaching and consulting, and most importantly, you’re going to master how to close business in a way that is comfortable and natural. Your new clients will never feel as if they’re being sold.
  • You’re going to package your products in a way that creates a strong sense of real value for your clients…
  • How to price your services for maximum profit. You’ll even learn how to use price as a positioning tool to set you apart and create a powerful sense of value
  • You’ll be able to sell the “right” clients – the ones you enjoy working with and who have an easy ability to pay your new, higher fees…
  • How to develop products
  • Strategies and systems to build a continual stream of high-quality client leads so that your practice is always full. That way you can pick and chose among the best, most fun and most rewarding prospects to work with
  • How to manage your time so that working with clients is a joy every day
  • The best way to deliver your services so that you balance highly effective client outcomes with the lifestyle you want for yourself
  • How to use my consulting services agreement (that’s taken me twelve years to develop.) It’s simple to understand and effectively covers all the important bases
  • A coaching intake process that creates so much value clients will say over and over “you’ve already earned your fee.” (This tool alone is worth attending the program)
  • And lastly, you’ll leave after three rewarding days with an ACTIONABLE PLAN To IMMEDIATELY SKYROCKET YOUR BUSINESS…

In short, you’re going to learn how to position, price and package your services to put you among the top earners in your industry.  Plus you’ll do it in a way that enables you to provide great value, help lots of people, earn a handsome income and have the lifestyle you dream of.

Certainly that should make this program a “must attend” for you.

Rhonda and I want to do everything we can to insure your success. We’ve put a ton of thinking and poured everything we could from our combined years of experience into this program.

Now… One of the big barriers people have to taking action is that they don’t have some of the core content components they need to leverage their marketing and sales to get new clients…

So we’ve decided to do something we know will help you get up to speed in the fastest way possible…

We’re offering something we’ve never given anyone outside of this training. It’s so valuable, it would cost you at least 20x the cost of attendance to create yourself – if that were even possible.

A white label license to the “super accelerator”

When you join this small, select group you will receive a “white label” license to seven-figures worth of intellectual property I have created over the last eighteen years.  Yes, I used the expression, “white label,” which means you’ll take my name off the materials and put your name on them.

Here’s what I’m giving you to white label and use to grow your business immediately…

Coaching modules 300pxOver 50 coaching modules – approximately 700 pages of material I created for my franchised coaching program at a cost exceeding $1.2 million and 18 months of my life.

By putting your name on this “coaching-system-in-a-box” you will immediately establish yourself as an expert far beyond those who have been in the field for years.

This is priceless content that turbo-charges your ability to increase client’s revenues and profits. And remember, bigger results means bigger fees! Can you imagine what using this material will do – even just showing it as ‘proof pieces’ in your sales process will do for your positioning with clients?

You also get rebranding and resale rights to my…

TKYB-Product-Cover-Shot 325“Turnkey Your Business” systemization program. This program has generated more than $3,000,000 in sales for me personally. Since it has sold at prices from $1700 to $4997, you can easily see how just a handful of sales to your customers and clients will help you recover all your program costs.

Of course, from then on you can use this as a source of income and client development.

Selling this bonus package just five times alone makes the program free to you.

Many people would like to have a book and everyone knows what having a book will do for you…

ETAM cover 200So I’m giving you a 196-page business book – Earn Twice As Much With Half The Stress – at one time a best seller. You can change the title and put your name on it.  Give to clients and immediately establish  you as an expert. Of course you could pay a ghostwriter to do this for you, but it would cost at least $25,000 for anything worth reading.  This one bonus alone will transform your business.




Now, You Need A Few Tools

Can you imagine the relief you’ll feel in hearing a client say “you’ve already earned your fee” in a project kickoff meeting?

intake diagnostic tool 250pxIt’s happened to me  many times by guiding clients through my Business Growth Analysis Intake and Diagnostic tool. You’ll get your own copy to produce the same results I get. I’ve spent over 13 years developing this tool and it’s earned me fortunes.

Finally, I’m giving you a copy of my Consulting Services Agreement for your personal use.  This one document alone cost me $5,500 in legal fees to create.  It’s the same one I use today, and it’s served me well for years.

service contract 300pxThis 3-day Millionaire Pro training along with licenses to my 50+ coaching/consulting modules, my Earn Twice As Much With Half The Stress, and Turnkey Your Business, will increase the rate at which you grow your consulting or coaching practice faster than any other program available today…

You’ll learn everything you need to create a high-six-figure coaching and consulting income and have the tools to make it happen at light-speed.

If you’re brand new and want to jumpstart your coaching business or if you’re a seasoned pro and want to dramatically add zeros to your current income, come be part of this exclusive private 3-day training program.

Put the date on your calendar today…

The program will be held at our home in downtown in San Diego, Wednesday August 21, through Friday, August 23. 

The total cost to attend all three days, along with the private label licenses to this valuable intellectual property is $10,000.

We’re calling this the “no excuses” offer because the Millionaire Pro Consulting and Coaching Success program has everything you need to add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your business bottom line quickly.

If you’re reading this there is a chance you may be struggling with growing your consulting or coaching business and wondering if you’re really going to make it what you’ve hoped. You know you need the training, the tools, and the licensed materials we’re offering and you know that with everything you’re going to get in our course, you’ll really be able to take your business to the next level.

We’ve purposely priced this program so that you can afford to attend.  As I mentioned earlier, reproducing the license materials alone would cost you $30,000 – 50,000 – 3-5 times the cost of the program. The kind of hands on sales training you’re going to get – the kind that will actually guarantee that you can close more clients?  At least $15,0000.  The positioning and marketing training and tools to fill your pipeline with prospects?  Years ago I paid just one consultant $39,000 to teach me fraction of what you’ll get in this program.  Even the Consulting Services Agreement you’ll get from me cost me $5,500 in legal fees.  Add it all up and you’ll see this program is worth many times what you’ll pay to attend.

Your Next Step…

Apply for a live consultation…

Of course, you do have to apply to the program to get in, and to make sure it’s a fit for you we’ll have a live consultation either on the phone or via Skype.  There’s only room for a very limited number people and we can only accept folks who are seriously motivated to succeed and who Rhonda and I believe will be successful.

schedule_final with arrow

If you’re serious about finally earning the full value of what you’re worth, then put yourself in this program. You’ll get the training and the tools, along with the white labeled book, coaching materials and products to sell, you’ll be positioned to have your business take off.

Totally Risk Free…

I’m going to make this decision easier for you with a Complete Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee.

guaranteeIf, by 2:00 PM of the second day of the Millionaire Pro Consulting and Coaching Success Program, we haven’t delivered the goods to your satisfaction (you alone determine if we have or have not) you can just walk away. Tell me that you’ve decided to leave and we’ll refund your money with no strings attached. If you do decide to leave, you get to keep all the knowledge and learning and training you’ve gained during the first two days, AND, you can keep the white label rights to my business book as a way to compensate you for your efforts and costs in coming to the program.

So you can see that no matter what – this is totally risk free … If you want to grow your coaching or consulting business now, add hundreds of thousands to your bottom line and have a lifetime of satisfaction doing it…

Apply Now to be in the 3-day Millionaire Pro Consulting and Coaching Success Program …

schedule_final with arrow
Seating is very limited.

Obviously, since this is going to be in our private living room attendance has to be limited.  And we already have a number of people who committed to attend in advance. That means there is limited room for a small number of additional attendees, and you must qualify. The only way to get in is to have a consultation phone call with Rhonda.

Apply for the program and make it fast…

The workshop is coming up in several weeks, and there are a very limited number of spaces.

To Your Outrageous Success,

paul-lemberg headshotRhonda Anderson - Head shot thumb





Paul Lemberg and Rhonda Anderson

P.S.  We’re not kidding.  When you use what we’re going to teach you, your income will skyrocket. Plus, the positioning you’re going to get from the white label licenses alone will boost your career far more than you can possibly imagine.

What Others Are Saying…


Paul_Kwiecinski Head Shot “I’m writing to thank you for your excellent help. I was thinking the other day of how I was a carpenter in torn jeans when I first started working with you. Now I have a six-figure income doing organization coaching. Your clarity, results focus and teaching were just what I needed to get beyond my own barriers and create a business I can be proud of.” – Paul Kwiecinski, Metasystem Consulting Group
robert smith headshot  “Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I just signed my first million dollar deal from a single client. It would not have been possible without applying what you taught me…”  – Robert Smith, Champion Worldwide
David Gruder Headshot  “What Paul & Rhonda accomplish with active and aspiring coaches in 3 days is nothing short of remarkable: a soup to nuts step-by-step layered training that walks you all the way from your initial business intentions to the nuances of successfully closing sales for high ticket contracts… all with impeccable ethics, integrity, do-ability and enjoyability. Two thumbs up – WAY up!” – Dr. David Gruder, Integrity Revolution, LLC
Goy Fuller II Head shot “After being with Paul and Rhonda for three days, I have a lot more clarity on how to market, what my subject matter can be, specific strategies and ideas for my clients, who my potential clients are… The growth for me personally has been phenomenal and I feel like knowledge is pouring out of my ears.  I feel equipped to go forward, and I have an action plan to do just that.”  – Goy Fuller II
bob serling “I’m a highly experienced consulant and coach myself, but when I needed advice on how to structure my new coaching program, I turned to the best there is – Paul Lemberg. By following his advice for fine-tuning my program, I received the first sign-up, worth thousands of dollars, just 17 minutes after sending out my email announcement.” – Bob Serling,