Paul Lemberg in the Media

Get Rich Radio, May 2011. "Interview"

New York Times, May 2010. "Be Unreasonable Influential Book"

Direct Sales Journal, May 2004. "19 Questions to Jump Start Your Business Plan"

Regional Report, Spring 2004. "Cutting Prices Is Like Cutting Your Own Throat"

Softletter, February 15, 2004.  "A Growth Strategy Roadmap"

Business Intelligence Report, November, 2003. "Creating Breakthroughs"

Paytech, July, 2003  Interview, "Portrait of the Changing Payroll Industry"

Educational Sales and Marketing Insider, February, 2003 "Five Ways to Beef Up Sales"

Bottom Line Personal, January 2003. “7 Ways to Build Business in Bad Times.

Staff Digest, January 2003. “Five Ways to Beef Up Sales… Immediately.

Scotsman Guide, December, 2002. “Attracting and Keeping Top Performers.

Agent Sales Journal, 3rd Quarter, 2002. “Getting Back on Track When The Track Keeps Moving.

Money Maker Monthly, October 2002. “Don’t Get Stuck.

Non Profit World, September, 2002. “Seven Ways to Be Unreasonable

Business Intelligence Report, December 2002 – “Make Your Vision For 2002 a Reality.”

Sonoma Magazine, March 2002. “The Comfort Zone.

Business Life, January, 2002. “Reinventing Your Business

Direct Sales Journal, January 2002. “Next Year’s Planning

Bottom Line Personal, February 1, 2002.

Nonprofit World, Nov, 2001, Article, What not to do, and how not to do it.

Direct Sales Journal, November, 2001. “Reinventing Your Business

Home Business Magazine, October, 2001 “How to predict the future of your home business.

New Mexico Business Weekly, August, 2001. Book Review of “Faster

Deseret News, July 2, 2001 (Salt Lake City) Quotes about Unreason.
Web version:

Nonprofit World, July 2001, Article, Are your problems too small? 5 Secrets to high-speed change.

Direct Sales Journal, June-July 2001. “What to do and how not to do it.

Association Meetings, June 2001, Article on Paul Lemberg

Soft-Letter, 6/15/2001, Article, How to be a bad boss

Soft-Letter 5/11/2001, Interview – How to run a customer advisory board.

Wenatchee business Journal – 5/1/2001, Book Review.

Nonprofit World, 5/2001, Article: Why predict the future

Independent Agent, April 2001. (book review)

Business Intelligence Report, April 2001. Newsletter for 35,000 Chamber of Commerce members. Six Ways…

Response Magazine, April, 2001, Interview

The Macomb Daily (Detroit) April 9, 2001, Interview

Training Magazine, April 2001, Interview

Watch Repair Times, March-April 2001

Direct Sales Journal, April-May 2001. Page 20. Why Predict the Future.

HomeCare Magazine, 03/01/2001, article about unreasonable

Interface Tech News, March 2001 – p27, Ten Ways to Kill Your High Tech Company

Princeton Business Journal, March 14, 2001 – Making it Tough – Ten Ways Executives Make it Difficult to Excel

HomeBusiness Journal, January/February 2001 – Ten Entrepreneurial Mistakes

Software Success – February 26, 2001: 10 Software Entrepreneur’s Diseases that can Kill You.

Silicon Valley Business Ink – Jan 19, 2001 – Ten Mistakes That Can Kill Your Firm

Booklist, 12/15/2000, Book rewview

Publisher’s Weekly, 12/4/2000 – Book Review

Business Development Outlook – December, 2000 – Book Review

Property/Casualty Insurance – November/December 2000 – critical factors jump start.

Distributor’s & Wholesaler’s Advisor – November 15, 2000 – Book Review

San Diego Business Journal – 10/9/00

Electronic News 9/25/2000, quoted in interview

Consulting Today, August, 2000 – How to Make Mistakes

San Diego Daily Transcript, July 1, 2000

Login: Usenix Journal, June, 2000, Ten Deadly Mistakes

What’s Working ONLINE, May 2002. “Four Questions to Create a Powerful Strategy.

LA Times – 2/27/2000, interviewed/source.

San Diego Metropolitan – October, 1999 interviewed/source

Info World 2/15/99, interview

Info World 1/18/99, interview

Info World – 5/4/1998, interviewed about coaching

Info World 6/15/1998, interviewed/source

Info World 10/26/1998 interviewed/source

Benefits and Compensation Solutions, April 1998 – Article, The Golden Handcuffs

Computer Reseller News, 4/6/98, Interview

Electronic News, 3/23/98, interview

Computer Reseller News, 2/16/98, interviewed

Computer Reseller News, 1/5/98, interviewed

CNNfn, 1/5/98, Interviewed for Trading Places on Coaching

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