Everybody has their own definition of freedom. For many it means doing whatever you want whenever you want.

For others it is more specific – it means independence from having to create current income – independence from work.

That could be a tall order. Most of us have to work at one thing or another our whole lives and it’s only a question of what we’re going to work at.

This is a crucial question, because whether you love your work or not determines whether your life is one of freedom or something much darker.

Watch this video and leave your comments on the blog.  I want to hear what you think…

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  1. Diego

    Great concept.
    The big question is how i start moving towards freedom causing the less disturbance in my income

    • pl

      Hey Diego, as they say, “don’t quit your day job.” Create your plan to quit it, then work your plan. THEN quit…

      • Charles Von Thun

        Paul –

        Crazy, no? 10 years next week. It’s been a great ride ever since, and I am sitting in a great position with the two businesses we have built since then.
        And I can truly say that the wisdom I gained from you has been with me every step of the way.

      • pl

        Modestly, I say thanks for saying so, and you’re totally welcome.

  2. Charles Von Thun

    Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…

    I think you should run with the insight that we have a relatively fixed amount of time on this earth, and we need to be deliberate about what we do with it lest we be on our deathbed and say oops! That realization is the key to making the choice to be free.

    Thanks for the blog, Paul.

    • pl

      Charles – great to hear from you and you’re “chime-in” is exactly what’s been on my mind.

  3. George Cooper

    I do not have job because most companise close I have take up internet Marketing to make a income you have great blog Paul.

  4. Chris King

    Great post! I love what I do! I teach 13 fitness classes a week to wonderful groups of seniors. And, then I come home and work on writing, publishing, and design on the Internet. Yes, all days are filled with JOY!

  5. Josh

    Thanks for the reminder that pursuing joy and excitement in my work is one of the keys to freedom!

    The single biggest factor that creates that for me is by working with great clients and partners. I think everything is secondary to that at this point for me and I’m grateful to be working with such great people right now.

  6. Glenn

    Amongst our freedoms is the freedom to choose who we desire to be. This facilitates our ablity to design and implement our own process of becoming.

    What could be in store for those who dare to choose their course in life according to preferences? Uncommon levels of fulfillment and gratification – a more enjoyable ride.

    Of course, one’s awareness and discernment of personal preferences go a long way towards making such things possible. Personal choices with inherent potential to yield gratification are born through awareness of that which is gratifying.

    Behavior that is not in harmony with our deepest values and wholesome desires might be worthy of the desrcription ‘squandering time.’ And as Ben Frankln reminded us: “Do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of.”

    We have the freedom to choose. You admonish us to choose wisely.

    Thank you, Paul.

    • pl

      Glenn – it’d be hard to be free without understanding, as you say “personal preferences.”

  7. Gary

    So right on Paul

    It is all about focus and don’t let the (mini hounies / Jaba the hut / The empire strikes back)
    bother you and steel you time.

    Thanks Gary

  8. Mats

    Great new blog design Paul! Looks more relaxing.

    Freemdom is alot of different things for people, but I think money hangs high up there.

    For me, its being able to do what you like, while its generating enough income to support the lifestyle you want to live. And that you can take a week or month away without worry 🙂

    • pl

      Mats – that’s a good definition; I totally concur, and yet to me it seems incomplete.


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