Growth Strategy Roadmap

It has been said that the greatest leverage available to a business comes from developing a strategy that maximizes the value of each resource, and takes advantage of the very best market opportunities.

It’s almost like motherhood and apple pie, yet you know it is true…

But the sad fact is, most business owners—from solo professionals to Inc. 500 do not have a solid strategy for growing their businesses.

Do you?

To find out, read the following five statements, and decide whether or not they apply to you and your business.

1. When reading business books and magazines, or attending business development seminars, you feel as if you can never can seem to find enough new ideas to keep your business growing at an acceptable rate.

2. You operate your marketing tactically, jumping from one business development concept to another. Your marketing department tends to do things intermittently and inconsistently. From week to week, you’ll do an ad, then a mailing, and then… nothing. And there’s no common thread that ties them all together.

3. Your business does NOT have predictable cash flow or profitability. It’s always feast or famine. And usually famine. You seem to be almost always in short term cash “crisis management.” Typically you have save the day by personally going out and “closing some business.”

4. You know you are massively under utilizing your resources and waiting for external circumstances—like an upswing in the economy—to change.

5. You don’t know how to integrate, let alone sustain more than one or two of the many powerful marketing concepts available to you.

If you think at least one of these statements is true you, then I can tell you—you do not have a well-formed strategy designed to keep your business making the most of your assets and available resources and consistently producing above-average profits.

Some entrepreneurs are intuitive strategists. They seem to grasp the whole situation at once, and spit out a fully-formed, high-leverage strategy almost without thinking.

The fact is, these “intuitives” have analyzed so many businesses, and tend to have such a broad understanding of general market conditions that it is relatively easy for them to make all the mental connections—as if by magic.

But if that were you, you probably would have done it already…

Which means you might need some help.

What are your options? Basically two:

You can hire a consultant to help you (I personally have done this for over ninety companies in thirty-eight different industries, and would be happy to work with you to get this done quickly), or you can do it yourself.

And doing it yourself is possible if you have the right game plan.

The Growth Strategy Roadmap is that plan.

The Growth Strategy Roadmap is a detailed set of instructions taking you through the entire strategy generation and selection process. In all about 42 pages—it keeps expanding, so I can’t tell you exactly how long it is—it contains twenty-five flowcharts, checklists, questionnaires and fill-in-blanks tables to make the process as “cookie-cutter” as possible.

Plus each fill-in page is linked to a word file, so you can use and re-use these tools as often as necessary. And of course, using word tables means you never run out of blank spaces.
From start to finish, the program will provide the structure for research, inquiry, analysis, synthesis, option generation, ranking, rating, and finally strategic selection.

The program works with you to create a vision and decisive objectives, analyze your external economic, governmental, technical, regulatory, competitive and market factors as well as internal marketing, management, distribution, financial, human resources, research and development, and information systems factors.

In other words, it helps you get a comprehensive view of your entire business, from the inside and out, and properly put your findings to use crafting a growth strategy.

The Growth Strategy Roadmap is available immediately as a digital download. It comes to you as a compressed “zip” file package, and contains a PDF of the roadmap itself, and a Microsoft Word document containing all the worksheets.

The program price is $197, far less than 1 hour of my time, or any other consultant worth his or her salt, for that matter. And for what it will save you, in terms of misspent time AND lost revenues–it is a very good bargain indeed.

Click here to purchase your Growth Strategy Roadmap for immediate digital download.