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From: Paul Lemberg
San Diego, California

Lots of people start businesses and fail quickly…

Others figure out how to get it going and for a while they can do well, sometimes into the six and even low-seven-figure range. But because they don't have either the ability or the fresh thinking needed to sustain it, over time the business either plateaus or goes downhill.

And you know this to be true...

Many entrepreneurs are too busy to achieve the growth they want

Many entrepreneur's hands are so full they’re unable to clearly think about what will REALLY grow their company. And even when they can figure out what to do, and even how to do it, they have trouble redirecting enough attention and resources to implement.

And at that point, a lot of things can go wrong...

Whatever the reason, there aren't enough new customers...

Lifetime value isn't sufficient to justify high client acquisition costs...

There's no surplus to do marketing "right." Or at least that's what you think...

The team is too small and you're stuck doing lots of grunt work...

Sales expand slowly if they expand at all…

It is never as profitable as you’d like so you end up feeling underpaid and undervalued…

It's not as satisfying as you'd hoped it would be...

And sadly, you’re not building equity or wealth for the future.

You'd really like the situation to be different, and you'd really like to be earning more. But you don't how to make it happen given everything you have going on...

How about some help getting on track to double or triple your income. 

If you want help getting your business moving faster you're in the right place...

I have a long track record of helping entrepreneurs take businesses that were succeeding modestly or even flat out stuck — and putting them in growth mode to achieve their goals. As a result of our work together my clients have earned a lot more money – sometimes millions and even tens of millions more.

In the past few years, business owners who've followed my advice have added more than $390 million to their wealth from business profits and money from selling their companies.

All of which is why I thought you might want to read this.

One amazing client completely changed my thinking…

Until now, most of my clients have been CEOs of 7-figure, 8-figure, and even a few 9-figure businesses over $100 million.

Every so often an entrepreneur with much smaller revenues will ask me to work with them. They know their investment will come back many times in the form of accelerated growth. Such boldness has earned them huge life-changing increases in sales and profits.

One client had to talk me into working with his company because I (foolishly, it turns out) was convinced the investment level was just too much for them. I was wrong! In the first year the company doubled sales reaching just under a million dollars. The second year they grew to $1.8 million with profits of right around $500,000.

There are times in life when we have to be hit over the head to see something right in front of us…

That experience had me start to think differently and totally shifted what I believed was possible. I became super clear that a committed entrepreneur, in right business, even with lower revenues, could leverage our work together into incredible, life-altering growth.

I  decided I wanted to have broader impact on more people and make it easier for smaller companies to become big ones. And it had to be affordable.

Since then I've experimented with different ways to bring high-level individualized strategic thinking to those smaller businesses. My own journey led me here, and I finally figured it out...

"Millionaire Class" business coaching for the price of an info product...

Developed exclusively for your business

Developed exclusively for your business

Imagine having your own private business advisor who easily helps you dissolve challenges and barriers to growth because they have been where you are, and more importantly, have been where you want to go…

Imagine having his or her cell phone number on speed dial to get answers and insights – when you need them – to accelerate your path to wealth and impact.

How much would it be worth to you, right now... To get the laser-focused advice you need to kick your business up a level or two? Of course this is relative to your current sales volume, but even then the impact can be dramatic.

The challenge is that in the old model, great business coaching isn't cheap. On an hourly basis it can range between $1,000 and $2,000 an hour.

If you have the leverage – say, more than a million in sales – it’s well worth it and that model still makes sense.

But if you have smaller revenues those rates are harder to justify, which means there's got to be another way.

The good news is I've found that way. You can now receive "millionaire-class" coaching that will make it vastly easier and more likely for you to reach the next level and beyond, at an investment around the price of a pre-recorded information product.

Samuel Woods

When I applied Paul's growth strategies to what was really a start-up, the growth was staggering. We went from $50k ARR to $250k in less than a year. We hit $500k annual run rate soon after. What I got was systematic advice to engineer exponential growth and it worked.

Samuel Woods, Stimulead

No, I haven't lost my mind...

By the way, just in case you think I've lost my mind... I haven't.

This new structure is not a way for me to do more work and earn less money. I wouldn't tell you to do that and I certainly wouldn't do it myself.

But I have decided to work with entrepreneurs in a different way than I have previously.

You see, 21 years ago I switched from working with Fortune 100 technology companies and dived in to working with entrepreneurs – because I BELIEVE IN ENTREPRENEURS. The way I see it, small businesses are at the heart of all important economic and social change, and entrepreneurs (myself included) are at the very foundation of Democracy itself.

For me this means helping more of them be more successful. Now don't get me wrong, I still like working with larger businesses and will continue. There are exciting things you can do when you have more resources that are harder for smaller companies.

And I'm doing this not as a sacrifice, but as a contribution...

I've created a win/win program that profits both clients who are a good fit AND me too. It is set up in a way that I personally am able to achieve my mission and EVERYONE who participates gets what they need to reach their goals.

Is This For You? 

  • Your company provides professional services (consulting, coaching, training, legal), healthcare (dental, traditional western medicine (MDs, DOs, DCs) and alternative healing), consumer products with high margins (like nutritional supplements), software (including SAAS), or anything B2B.
  • Your average customer spends at least $1,000 with you, either all at once or over time. And of course, more is better.
  • It's possible to make repeat sales to the same customer, even if you’re not making an effort to do that now.
  • Your business makes all sales online, or uses a combination of offline and online.
  • Revenue can be either marketing driven or sales driven, both are good.
  • You are completely committed to expanding your business faster than it's growing right now.
Marshal Sylver

Paul Lemberg’s programs are by far the most impressive business courses currently available. Knowing what he gave me was easily worth 10 times the investment. You can be sure what ever Paul puts out on the market—you need it and want it badly. If your competition gets his stuff and you don't, just shut your doors and save yourself the heartache. By the way, Paul Lemberg is one of the two people I've paid tens of thousands to coach me in my business. The other was Sir Richard Branson

Marshal Sylver, Prosperity Alliance

My new breakthrough program is called Growth Accelerator 120™

Business Up to Speed - Speedometer Measures GrowthMy new program is called Growth Accelerator 120. It's a breakthrough in efficient coaching design and I am seriously excited.

For the first time you can take advantage of the kind of strategy, tactics and coaching which has helped a select group of entrepreneurs put their businesses "on steroids."

This is the kind of advice and mentoring I call “millionaire-class” coaching because, 1) my methodology has proven repeatedly to help grow multi-million-dollar businesses, and 2) it has helped many of my clients go from being millionaires on paper to cash millionaires.

It's a completely new way of working with clients who need personal attention and customized advice but don’t yet have the revenues to justify high dollar annual retainers.

You’ll get my 100% focus and attention on your business and you already know that could be worth 2x what you're currently earning and it could be worth 10x. I’ll be your coach, your consultant, and your champion and will support you every step of the way as you add revenues and profits faster than you have previously.

The magic that makes this work is that we'll focus and deep-dive 1:1, and at the same time be part of a team of 4-8 like-minded entrepreneurs. And while we work just you and me, your teammates listen in. They'll act as a sounding board and provide additional insight and feedback from their unique perspectives and experience.

Tonya Dawn Recla, Executive Director

I cannot say enough about Paul's genius. His ability to take our vision and mold it into a viable sales and marketing system is awe-inspiring. His systems and training are cutting-edge, effective, and easy-to-use. It's comforting to know our business can continue to grow in a sustainable way based on Paul's methodologies.

Tonya Dawn Recla, Executive Director, Personal POWER Experts

Over 150 clients from 16 countries have earned more than $390 million in profits and money from selling their companies.
Here are a few examples...

  • By monetizing better and refining the company’s core offer, a small London-based IT consultancy increased profits more than £75,000 without adding any new customers.
  • A IRS defense company added enough profits in 6 weeks to let the owner replace himself in every non-strategic role.
  • American Healthtech, a hospital finance software company went from breaking even to netting a 32% profit margin and 200% revenue growth in a year and a half.
  • A chain of dental clinics grew from 2 to 12 offices in record time creating over $50,000,000 in shareholder wealth.
  • Internet Marcado, struggling Spanish-language site sold for 8-figures after we repositioned it as a content aggregator.
  • A consumer health-care client reported a 37% increase in profits.
  • After systemizing their sales process, a vendor of reconditioned industrial hardware grew 200%, adding $12 million in annual revenue in six months.
  • Using an acquisition strategy I created for them, a local pharmacy chain grew from $7 million to $17 million in 12 months, adding another $5 million the following year.
  • A small technology company saved itself from bankruptcy and sold for 4x what the owners thought it was worth.
Gail Vilcu

Paul showed me how to change two tightly held beliefs that gave a major lift in my business and finances. At the time I was certain I needed more training and experience and as a result couldn't charge more than my current rates. I raised my fees 1-1/2 times and created a whole suite of packages and programs. Between the pricing, the packaging of services and a massive boost in confidence I am selling more business and my income is several times what it was previously.

Gail Vilcu, Vilchey Healing

Here's what you're going to get

  • Completely customized “Millionaire Class” 1:1 advice and coaching. You'll get everything you need to dissolve the barriers and reach your sales and profit goals quickly.
  • Proven, customized, targeted strategies for lead genration, lead conversion, positioning, product development, pricing, … No cookie cutter, no templates, no one-size-fits-all anything
  • The exact same quality of wealth-building attention and advice for which people pay high-five and low-six-figure annual retainers
  • Multiple from-the-trenches perspectives on your business so you can move faster and avoid common time and money wasting mistakes.
  • All action and zero fluff. This is a get-stuff-done program focused on your results
  • As longh as you're willing to get your hands dirty, you can expect a minimum of a 5x return on your investment

Your Growth Acceleration Gameplan™ is fully customized for you

This is how the program works:

  • For four full months you, me and a small group (total no more than 8) will meet 3x a month via Skype Video. This is enough time to have a major impact on your business results, anything less is just going to make you feel good without producing results.
  • During each 90-minute session we'll dedicate time to working on your customized Growth Acceleration Gameplan™ strategies and tactics
  • You'll be accountable weekly for your commitments and that gets you producing gains at a level you’ve never seen before. Getting ideas is easy, great ideas are harder, but it's execution that creates results, and that requires accountability
  • Every week or two I’ll teach a different “killer strategy” you adapt it to your business. These strategic ideas have a way of automatically jumping your thinking to the next level
  • Between meetings you'll have unlimited access to me via email for questions, feedback, and ideas. Sometimes things don't go exactly as planned and you need a "quick shot" between meetings that can't wait
  • Plus, if you ever need them, you get “Emergency Life-Line” phone calls with me (you’ll have my personal cell #)
Bob Negen

Mostly because of simple things like repacking our product, a lots of upsells, and a continual stay-in-touch campaign. here's what happened: the first year training and product sales were up 89% and profits grew 292%. The next year, sales went up 122%, and profits jumped a crazy 950%.

Bob Negen, Whiz Bang Training

You're probably wondering, "What's this going to cost me?"

By now you should know I'm not going to compare our work together to the price ofthumb_towering-stack-of-cash--thumb905140_1024 lunch or a dinner and the movies. You already know it's a good deal and when you apply the strategies I create for you, you'll EASILY make your money back — probably 10x or even a 100x.

Until now, my wealth-producing advice and private one-to-one mentoring meant you had to put me on retainer for anywhere from $36,000 to $125,000 per year. Or you could hire me for to address a specific question for $1,000 an hour. Because of the costs, this has only been available to companies with significant revenues.

My new Growth Accelerator 120 program is a breakthrough that makes it possible for you to get four full months of 1:1 “Millionaire-Class” business-transforming coaching.

A few of my friends who saw what I've put together said I was crazy to offer this kind of access and, more importantly, this kind of customized personal attention, for less than $15,000.

And for what I'm offering you $15,000 would be more than fair. But it's more than I'd planned and doesn't really meet my goals for this program to be easily affordable for people running smaller businesses.

The total investment is $5,000.

You're going to get my proven business growth methods adapted precisely to you and your business. This is everything you to need to quickly get to the next level of success, sales and profits, and you’ll be able to get there using the resources you have available in a way tailored personally for you. You'll never feel required to become like someone you’re not (and don’t even want to be.) You'll make a lot more money AND you'll be comfortable and authentic while you're doing it. How much is that going to be worth to you?

And consider this for a moment: What's the cost to you to NOT accept my offer to finally get your business where you want it?

How much money have you been leaving on the table because you haven’t been able to reach enough prospects, haven’t offered the right products and services, or didn’t have the systems in place to convert enough prospects into satisfied customers.

And that’s not even accounting for the personal cost of not delivering the level of impact, service and contribution you’ve wanted all along ­— which is often the reason your started your business in the first place.

Joining my Growth Accelerator 120 will without a doubt improve your business and your income... And it could really set you free.

Mike Hanson

Paul Lemberg is a Star amongst coaches worldwide. I work with major organisations and coach, train and teach thousands of individuals. I consider myself to be creative and extremely proactive...but Paul is one of those rare individuals who makes amazing things happen with genius.

Mike Hanson, France Business School

This isn't for everybody...

Before we get to next steps, there's one thing we need to cover.

Earlier I said what would make you a good fit for Growth Accelerator 120, but just to be clear this isn't a fit for you if:

You're indifferent to the products or services you sell and aren't concerned that your stuff delivers the value you promise…

You are more committed to being “the smartest person in the room” than getting what you need to rocket your business…

You don’t listen carefully and thoughtfully to other people and generally shoot down everything you hear…

You don’t take action on at least some of the growth tactics you like.

Your business generates more than a million or two a year. The program is tailored for companies with sales ranging from $75,000 up to around $750,000 a year. At your level you have different challenges that we’re not going to address. (You could get enormous value from having your own private mentor, however.)

Lastly, while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with these kinds of businesses, Growth Accelerator 120 is not a fit if you sell residential real estate, broker mortgages or securities, operate a franchisee, or are part of an MLM or direct selling organization.

Now, with that out of the way...

Is there a guarantee?

Based on a long track record of results, I’m confident that if you do the work with my guidance, and execute the custom plan we develop, you will have a business and life-transforming experience.

To back that up, I’ll give you 30 days from the day we begin to live with the work and REALLY decide if it's for you... in your heart and mind. If you decide it's not for you, just let us know and get a full refund of your course tuition, no reason needed.

So what's the next step?

If you’re ready to get the exact advice, strategy, tactics, support and accountability you need to accelerate your business…

We need to have a brief conversation. You'll get answers to all your questions and we’ll spend the time to make sure you and I are a fit for each other. Once we make sure of that we'll get you signed up and ready to start on your way to major growth in your business.

So right now, all you have to do now is click the button below. That'll take you right to my calendar and you can choose a date and time that works best for you.

Schedule Your Appointment Now

Two Great Bonuses!

Pre-Course Accelerator Strategy Session

Bonus grunge rubber stamp on white, vector illustration

Where do you want your business to be in 3 years and how can you get there?

These are the questions you have to answer if you're going to be successful. The Bonus Pre-Course Strategy Session is how you'll get those answers. This completely private one-on-one session will help you make the key decisions that will propel your company forward for years. Together we'll map out exactly where you want to go and how you're going to get there.

Growth Automation Live!

Bonus grunge rubber stamp on white, vector illustration

You'll get two free tickets to Growth Automation Live. At this live workshop in San Diego, we'll spend a full day working on your "go forward" strategy and plan. This way you can be sure that your business will deliver continual sustained growth.

You'll learn the complete 5-step process I've used to create wealth-creating strategies for companies in dozens of different industries. The last time I held an even like this attendees paid $11,500 and you're going to get it free as part of Growth Accelerator 120.

Click the button right below and schedule your appointment now...

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I look forward to working closely with you over the next few months. Registration for Growth Accelerator 120 closes on February 29th so make sure to book your appointment right away.

There are a limited number of spots and I want to make sure you reserve yours

To your outrageous success,




Paul Lemberg

P.S. I thought you might want to hear from a few more former clients:

Tom Johnson

After one year (it took that long because I was stubborn about a few things), we have a very structured sales process in place, our pipeline has grown exponentially – 15 times, our sales cycle time reduced from 9-12 months down to 4-6 months.  The only regret I have is that I didn't find Paul sooner.

Tom Johnson, Papersoft
AJ Silvers

Turnover has increased by a little over 250%, net profit has gone up by just under 275%. Last year we did around $170k and this year based on just the changes you helped us make, we should do around $500,000. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

AJ Silvers
David Gibbard

My whole management vigorously applied Paul's concepts. Our revenues in the first half were equal to 95% of the total sales for last year, while our EBIT is up to 40% of gross revenues.

David Gibbard, PSSoftware
Ed McGarr

We’ve gone from a one man show handling 10 customers and now we’ve got hundreds. By the time we end up talking to someone from our conversion process? It’s done. We have people who have received only 2 autoresponders and they’ve purchased as much as $5,000 online. Plus we’ve stopped cutting prices, improved our messaging and up our margins. And it’s not something that’s dated. I can use the system over and over. These principles are universal whether you’re an online, offline or hybrid. We’re a hybrid. Paul, because of your system, we’ve gone from “certain death,” to growing about 20% PER QUARTER and based on the track we’re on I expect to be at $2 million within 12 months.

Ed McGarr
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