So obvious that it’s easy to overlook: a key driver in evolution from plants to higher orders of animals concerned how to get more food. In the same way a key to the evolution of a business is how to get more customers.

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  1. Tony Finbarr-Smith

    First off, I think that’s a great observation, and I agree it’s overlooked just how basic it is, when some businesses do the exact opposite of going hunting when their business is starving!

    Paul – this may seem kooky but… do you believe in signs?

    I’m wondering why you wrote such a short post…

    …Particularly when it features my newly-forming business’ name: Business Evolution (in a roundabout way).

    Strange, huh?

    The emphasis of Business Evolution will be on evolving businesses using effective marketing and the compunding effect of small changes – basically Formula 5, new media marketing and other stuff combined.

    I’ve been debating whether to put a lot of other stuff on hold and go ahead with the Business Evolution business and on a whim decided to check your blog… and there’s a sign staring me in the face!
    I do believe in signs, and this was the final little push I needed.

    Thanks and Respect,
    Tony Finbarr-Smith (in the UK)


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