First Aid for Beliefs

It might be time for you to face the facts…

Roughly half of whatever is rolling around in your head got there by accident and probably isn’t doing you much good.

But when you try to figure out what’s what, it tuns out the situation is a much like something David Ogilvy said while talking about advertising…

Half of it worked, half didn’t.

He just wasn’t ever sure which half was which.

Beliefs are scarily like that…

Until you take a closer look it’s tough to figure out which are “true” and which are garbage.

The good news?

You can do something about it, and the effects are phenomenal.

Watch the video.

And when you’re done, add to the conversation.

Comment on the things you used to believe and the things you now believe. Or comment on whatever you feel like.

18 Responses

  1. Nancy

    I liked your video-thanks Paul! I have struggled with the efficacy of affirmations until I heard Louise Hay say (paraphrasing …)

    We tell ourselves affirmations all the time. It’s just that most of them are negative.

    ie: “I’ll can’t do this – it’s too hard…”
    Neutralizing such a negative statement needs a nice, juicy positive one…
    “Hell yes, I can do this! I’ve conquered many difficult things and I’ll conquer this one too.”

    Thanks for the exercise-looks good!

    ~ Nancy

    • pl


      Affirmations don’t work work magic, but they work well to reprogram your brain. Which I think over time, works magic.


  2. john

    thanks again paul
    thought I would share my initial list of a few negative beliefs, and some positive affirmations –

    1. i don’t have enough time
    2. i am too tired
    3. i think they think that of me
    4. its not a good time to do that now
    5. I am not a good negotiator
    6. I wouldn’t be able to do that job
    7. I don’t have enough experience
    8. I’m too shy to say that
    9. I don’t want to ask someone to do that
    10. I need to get that just right before i show it to anyone.

    but to reverse:-

    1. don’t worry about it, get it done, if you want something done ask a busy person. things can work together in harmony.
    2. I will eat well and exercise and have plenty of positive energy and drive. I am rarely that tired.
    3. 95% of our time is worry about something that is not true and may never happen
    4. do not put off to tomorrow what you can do today ; eat that frog etc
    5. I have a good way with people and i can negotiate if i learn and push myself.
    6. I have a wealth of experience and can do anything i put my mind too.
    7. I have done a lot and everyone has a first time.
    8. feel the fear and do it anyway, I will feel good once i have done it
    9. why should i not ask for things – more often than not, people like to be asked and to do things for each other
    10. the best is the enemy of the good, get something out there.

  3. Steve Deerfield

    Thanks Paul, your explanation of limiting beliefs and how they affect our lives is so very helpful to me. I’ve come across this idea before and it does make a lot of sense to me. It’s unfortunate that so many of us hold on to these negative beliefs even when they’re not helping at all except as a sort of false comfort zone for retreat. I’m certain that your prescribed exercise will be most helpful. Steve D.

  4. Glenn


    You have laid out an excellent roadmap for a person to overwrite beliefs that do not serve them with those that do. Though a deceptively simple process, it is powerful in that it is capable of yielding profound changes within the lives of those who will implement what you have specified.

    I will add that the results of this process can be enhanced by doing so after having first completed a process of ‘Values Conflict Resolution.’ I suggest that this would amplify the efficacy of results by first removing internal [most often unrecognized] issues of contention that likewise influence the ‘practical scope’ of our behaviors. The process entails one’s creation of a list of personal values and then evaluating those values against oneanother until the list naturally orders from most to least important. Upon possessing this understanding, one is empowered to live more congruent with their values. Followed by the ‘belief reconditioning process’ that you have generously shared, what emerges is a synergy of internal alignment that lends clarity to the practical scope of one’s potential while empowering decisions and subsequent actions that can bring them to fruition.

    Thank you, as always.

  5. Crystal

    Hey Paul: At one time not to long ago, I did not know how to read or write $1,000,000.00.
    I had to stop and practice it. When I got it, this was the moment I realized it was possible and the limits dropped, as it became just another number.

    Working with nothing, has also given me the confidence to move forward, because I have nothing to loose, and totally wish to have a different reality to where I am now.

    Having a level of trust (blind belief that someone would come thru for me, the father), I had to work through that belief as well…. put too much responsibility on him, one he was unable to follow through on because of his relationship with his wife.

    I have spent the majority of my life, being in a place that was temporary, a place that I could handle being in (if I stayed in the now moment) it was always a stepping stone to get to where I wished to… Problem was, I kept myself prisoner there, always settling for what I had in the moment. This then became a block in itself….

    Thus, I needed to visualize the future, see exactly the things I wished, qualify… Once seeing the future, what I did not wish to come in for me… Misuse of power, leaving certain people behind because they no longer fit the scene…. Right order and general kindness to all things.

    Sincerely, C*

  6. Anna Weber

    Wow! Great video

    In my book, Dancing with Greatness, I address limiting beliefs and it is nice to see my positive beliefs affirmed!

    MUCH happiness in your day.


  7. robert

    I’ll plus that…

    Convert the new belief/affirmation into a question.

    Example: “I easily meet partners and contacts…” turns into:

    “How is it that I so easily meet partners and contacts wherever I go?”

    Keep riffing and writing questions around that belief and you’ll eventually come up with one that really lights your fire.

    If you’re stuck, then write down this question on a 3×5…

    “What question would really get me excited about this topic?”

    Put the card in your pocket and look at it morning, noon and night

    and give your mind a chance to wander on the topic.

    I wonder how soon you’ll find a solution using this technique?

    • pl

      Robert, very smooth assumptions at the end.

      I may appropriate your 3×5 component.



    • pl

      Gerhard – it IS turnaround info. Funny thing, I’ve been flipping back and forth between

      1) what you need to know how to do the work
      2) what you need so that you actually do the work

      One without the other is so much less effective. Together they’re dynamite.



    • pl

      Willie –

      Coming from you… High praise.

      BTW, I’ve been trying to think of something you and I can do together. Worth a conversation?



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