I used to think that in order get big results you had to make breakthrough changes to your business…

That you had to learn a whole bunch of new things, with lots of skill building and learning curves, and lots of time getting it right…

That you had to have these broad, sweeping initiatives that involved lots of people and turning things upside down and so on…

And of course, lots of risk.

Check out my newest 4-1/2 minute video and find out what it really takes.

When you’re done, leave your thoughts on the blog below.

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  1. Chung

    Hi Paul – not sure if its my iPhone 3s that cannot view your videos but it would e awesome if he vids were iPhone compatible. It might be worth your time just to check you analytics and see if here’s enough iPhone users to make it worth while to change


  2. Di

    Thanks, Paul, it’s often hard to let go of the fear that it might not be good enough, and just do something small towards the promotion/product instead. And doing something small FEELS so small and how is that gonna help me … lol. But thanks for the encouragement, I see it and I’ll take action on that right now.

  3. Olav

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the encouragement. This is something I know and that I have heard hundreds of times. It’s just so hard to let go. I was in a flow once, making good money. Then I started making the mistake of thinking things should be perfect. And then things came to a screaching halt. The money flow stopped, I went bankrupt, and haven’t been able to recover since. This was 5 years ago.

    I have plans though, like dozens of them. A few of them are really 95% finished too. I am just afraid to mess up, and not maximize the potential each project has. So I go on to the next one…guess what happens…A BIG FAT NOTHING.

    This HAS to end. I need to make money, lots of it and fast. Guess that’s part of the problem also. Biting over the whole elephant instead of one bite at a time.

    Take a look at my website and see one of the things that could be finished up in a few days…

    There are some minor, minor things left though, and somehow they stop me dead in my tracks.

    I’m sick of this. Sick of having million dollar projects laying around and not getting things on a roll when I’m so close.

    Please give me a clue here…


    • steve

      Hi Olav

      Are you doing this all by yourself?

      One of the biggest challenges that all creators face is the sense that our creation is equal to us. In reality a creation exists without us. Whether one is a classical painter, a sculptor, a software developer, a business builder or whatever… the creation exists and is separate from us.

      Trust me, Richard Branson does not manage each and every one of his 350 or so Virgin businesses. He has a model, he creates a business. If it works then he leverages it, if it doesn’t he lets go and moves on to the next.

      Separation from our creation must happen if we are to be fully creative. We may lack self esteem, we may suffer a physical ailment, our circumstances may seem to get in our way but if we were to focus on the creation we want or our desire then these ailments become very superficial.

      You either wish to create your business or you don’t. No point in beating your self up on this. It’s very fundamental.

      I so wanted a car when I was a young adult and I couldn’t afford one. So strong was my desire to create a car for myself that I;

      1. Decided to get a job in sales
      2. I used to be so shy that I couldn’t even pick up a phone and speak to someone
      3. Nothing stopped me because I really wanted and desired the result/outcome

      So, I created a plan to get what I wanted. I hated the idea of selling but that became secondary to my true desire.

      Are you really certain you wish to create these businesses or are you kidding your self?

      Sometimes it’s incredibly hard to allow what we really wish to create to come to the fore but it is there somewhere.

      What do you truly desire? By the way, this is not about wanting something to go away. IE problem solving.

      Hope this helps.



  4. Eliane Carbajal

    Paul I always love your videos!! You’re full of such deep insight, meaningful concepts and you inspire me greatly!!
    Wishing you even more happiness and light than you give me.
    In deep gratitude and admiration
    Eliane xxx

  5. Mary Binette

    I tend to sometimes get frozen in place by the feeling I have to do something perfectly. Thanks for the reminder that “perfection stinks”.

    I need to concentrate of the small steps instead of waiting for one giant one. I’ll get to the right place quicker that way anyway.

  6. Chris

    Hi Paul,

    The video was great ID. I think you and my Boss come from the same place. She tell me to use Baby steeps and It works GREAT. so will SMALL STEEPS.

  7. chris marx

    Paul I love it!
    Great motivation to keep me on track!
    Perfection has been keeping me from getting an info product out.
    I’ve even used your help from F5 to break it down into steps…
    Even after much time has passed, the bottom line is info product is not done!

    TODAY I’m just going to get started on the table of contents is getting done.
    It won’t be perfect, but it will be a start.

    I keep forwarding your videos to other contacts. Keep up the good work!

  8. Sandy Barris

    Hi Paul,

    I’ve been listening to you doing hot seat’s on Jay A’s audios and timing is everything.
    In fact, you just suggested that to a guy who is selling to the music collection industry to do small things to get started.

    So I went ahead, took your advise and did a small thing today.
    I called 7 local associations and talked about what was in it for them to offer http://www.FastMarketingPlan.com to their members. Mentioned how they could make money for their association (Wonder where I learned that :.) ) Ended up getting invited in to 2 of the associations and emailed info to 2 of the others.

    Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to do small things.
    it works great, and will do more tomorrow, then Friday, then Monday, Then…

    Sandy Barris
    Fast Marketing Plan.com

  9. Glenn

    Great advice, Paul. Developing skills in making smaller incremental changes may also build competencies towards the larger ‘breakthrough’ type – while reaping the accruing benefits of these smaller changes along the way.

    As always, thanks for sharing.

    • pl

      Glenn – I still believe in breakthroughs, but I don’t any longer believe that you can cause them by design. They happen I believe, and perhaps serendipitously, as a result of an accumulation smaller changes. More like what chaos people call emergence.

      • pl

        Yes, I am familiar – I received a Master Practitioner thing years ago. I’m generally a pretty large chunker, but in terms of getting work done – small seems to be better.

  10. Chad

    “Perfection Stinks!!” I love that, Paul! I believe constant improvement MUST be part of the culture of your business, and whenever someone has an idea for improvement, it should be made a big deal even if it isn’t used.

    Publicly applaud the person for thinking of improvement, make them feel good about it, and soon, everybody will always be thinking about improving the business and everything will improve bit by bit.

  11. Atlanta Web Design Company

    Good Video Paul.

    That is so correct. So many clients that we work with get stuck on “perfection” (which of course is only perfection in their minds) that they waste valuable time NOT going forward with we already KNOW are changes that are 99% better than what we already have complete.

    Thanks a million Paul. You always over deliver!

  12. Sheri

    From a former “analysis-paralysis” junkie: THANKS for the encouragement…especially the quote about compounding!!!

  13. Sally Dallas

    Paul: I am a small, indie art and frame gallery. Been tearing myself up to figure out how to retool the business to attract more customers. Maybe instead I will look for small steps-rather than change my complete business. Thanks

    • pl

      Sally – if you believe there is a market for your services and wares, then yes – the small changes approach may help. Forget retooling for the moment. Try implementing ANYTHING, that might work.

  14. Darlene

    Great message. Came at the right time. Thank you for the encouragement.

    • pl

      Gail – I hope you’re not saying I’m repeating myself? On the other hand, I’ve heard it said, that repetition is the key to knowledge.


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