I help entrepreneurs become wealthy.

No kidding.

I’ve consulted with Fortune-100 companies like Cisco, Adobe, IBM, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan/Chase, Mass Mutual, and Accenture, but my real and true passion is helping small business owners and CEOs double and triple their profits, and sometimes grow their companies more than 10-fold.

Over the last few years, my one-on-one small-business clients, who range in size from brand-new start-ups to companies with around $20,000,000 in sales, have profited by more than $370 million in bankable, put-in-your-pocket cash — The equivalent of billions in extra sales.

But I’m not just a marketing consultant; I know what works in the real world because I’ve been successful ‘in the real world’ too, not just as a consultant.

I started my first company with a partner and $3,000 of credit card debt. I sold it three years later for a price tag just under nine million dollars. I then launched another software company and ultimately sold to a large German Bank. I’ve started several other companies since then, among them a sales training company and a business coaching franchise (which failed spectacularly).

Right now I’m building a nutritional supplements and anti-aging business through licensing, mergers, and acquisitions.

It wasn’t until after I’d sold my software companies and spent time as a market strategist for technology giants like IBM, HP and Dell that I realized that my true passion was helping entrepreneurs succeed and become wealthy.

I graduated from the University of Buffalo with a fine arts degree and studied marketing and finance at New York University’s Stern School for my MBA, which gives me a totally unique whole-brained perspective and enables me to find solutions for my client’s businesses that other consultants simply can’t see. Along the way, I joined American Mensa to cover for not having gone to Harvard.

Results. Guaranteed.

Today, my clients work online and offline, sell services and products, and cover a range of industries including e-commerce, main-street retail, internet marketing, software, manufacturing, health care, dentistry, accounting, real estate, dating, lead generation, insurance, construction, software commodities… the list is long and varied.

I help clients with a range of services and trainings in marketing, sales, product development, client monetization, finance, and growth by acquisition. I currently have openings in my practice for 2-3 new clients. You’re a great candidate if:

  • You’re already doing between $1.5 and $8 million in revenue.
  • You’re ready to expand your business and have a compelling reason for wanting to do so.
  • You understand the value of working with an outside adviser and have worked successfully with consultants or advisers in the past.
  • You find yourself on a plateau in spite of doing everything you can currently think of to make that next breakthrough.

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