Grow your business faster than it’s growing now…

Would you like that?

Stupid question, right?

I hear it all the time…

How do I grow my business? How do I get more customers? How do I increase sales?

How do I add customers and increase revenue when I can’t pay my bills? How do I grow my business large enough to sell it? How do I keep my kids in school and pay my mortgage? How do I stay afloat and support my family?

How do I survive — in this economy?

I recently realized just how much entrepreneurs need help now more than ever.

That’s why I created this new video series: The 7 Master Keys to Rapid Business Profits. 7 short sessions to get you thinking about how to grow your business. Each one between five and ten minutes. You may be doing some of this stuff, but I bet you’re leaving something out.

And in times like these? I want all the edge that I can get.

So give yourself an edge.

I’m really excited to be doing this series, so leave me your comments and tell me what you think.

Click the video and get started now…




Click to watch Master Key #1


15 Responses

  1. Joseph Geraghty

    Hi Paul,
    It’s so interesting for me. I read a book some time ago called Synchronicity. You connected with me through LinkedIn. I accepted and shared what I was wrestling with. Your reply was succint and most importantly very meaningful for me. At the bottom of your reply wa a link to this video.
    One of the things I was wrestling was the headings of a free report From Micro to Macro for entrepreneurs. I wasn’t totally sure about my headings, did they address the issues for small entreprenerus. One heading I have is Mastering Mindsets. Bang on!! Amazing, and thanks for sharing I really do appreciate that. Joseph

  2. Jim Tour

    I just want to thank you Paul for your generosity in providing this information for Free… Let alone the great info you provided also free of charge with Rich Schefren on that call last week.

    You’re awesome!

    I look forward to your interactions with your community

    • admin

      Hey Jim – I strive for awesomeness. Glad to hit the mark from time to time. Now you can do me a quick favor and tell me what kinds of help you’re needing in your business. –pl

  3. Gina Gray

    So far I have those two things you talked about and sales are awesome!
    I love when you do these videos.
    Thank you Paul.

    • admin

      Gina, you’re welcome. I think there are seven, plus the intro – let me know what you’re going to do with them. -pl

  4. David


    Hello Paul, I hope you like challenges because I have one for you, it seems that many of building strategies don’t apply to this niche, in fact it seems like it is random, but you and I know that is not the case, it seems random because no one has successfully cracked it yet, and I would love to hear your insight on this niche.

    That is the Entertainment Niche, specifically building a career as an actor.

    I have been studying marketing for the past couple of years just to gain an edge and better the odds, do you have any experience in this sector, have any advice or can point me in the right direction


      • David

        Will do thank you.
        However I do have one question though, have you ever brainstormed with a person looking to pursue an acting career?

      • admin


        I could simply say “no” or I could tell you that I will help you generate more productive, results-building action than you’ve ever before imagined! -pl

  5. Brett T. Smith

    Hey Paul,

    Great video buddy! I completely agree with your points and think that automation and systemization (the machine) are KEY to have in place so you can allow your to business scale…

    Looking forward to the next video!


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