I know you know this already, but it’s worth going over one more time. If you’ve spent any time thinking about it, you know that there are only three ways to grow a business.  Three? Really?  Maybe you need to break it down and consider things freshly.

When you’re done watching this short (4 minutes) video, feel free to leave your comments and questions on the blog.

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  1. Joseph Warmann

    Awesome Paul!
    Crystal clear, to the point and all in under 5 minutes…
    Mark my words; the 4+ minutes spent here will make someone $100,000 before the year is out. Thank you!

  2. Rick Ng

    Hi Paul,
    Sounds very simple, but not easy to do.
    Most business owners know this and it’s just that they can’t really figure out how to do it.
    I am a business owner too. I remember last time that when my business was not good, me and my partner just didn’t put in extra effort to find the reason behind and solve it. We will just leave it and hope that it will get better. Dream on!
    So, now, my altitude has changed and whenever business down a bit, I will try to do something. Some promotions, sometimes free gifts, upsells, and a lot more… No matter what, you just need to do something, you must analyse the situation. You just have to stay aware of the whole situation and tackle any problems that pop up. That’s business!

    Thanks again for the video.

    From Penang, Malaysia.

    • admin

      Rick – you are welcome. The easy part? That’s simply doing SOMETHING. You may not do it PERFECTLY, you may not even do it WELL. But something on which you take action that makes a difference keeps your business moving forward. —pl

  3. Tony Finbarr-Smith

    Hey Paul,

    As part of his productivity and time management advice, Paul recommends you use a timer to chunk your time and focus your efforts. Eben Pagan has very specific views on this too.
    Until Jan 1st I’m offering a very cool little piece of software that you can see on your screen at all times (while it’s running) with a countdown and your goal in clear view.

    You can specify the length of time counting down, the on-screen goals you can specify, and also an alert pops up with your choice of text at the end of the prescribed time.

    I’m offering it for just $1 with some very cool bonuses until Jan 1st – after that the page goes away and I might release later at a higher price.

    Go here to read more and claim your copy for just a measly buck: http://xmas.re-voo.com

    note the software is an app for pc but I believe can work on mac (email me for support).

    All the best,

  4. Gary


    Thank you for your very valuable words of advice. When your emails arrive I know I am in for a treat. You recently sent out a 10 Biggest Business Mistakes or something closely titled. I kept shaking my head saying “Yep, did that one.”


  5. Glenn

    Paul, as usual, you render plain to one’s practical understanding the mapping of business mechanics to the reasoning that underlies their implementation. Sadly, it is easy to lose sight of the fundamentals. Your concise clips serve to remind us of their significance.

    In short, each time you have indicated that you have something to share, I have found it worth having ‘listened.’ This is no exception. Thank you in general and for making visits to you blog time that is well-spent.

  6. Mike Brockman

    Excellent summary of how the basic marketing principles are interrelated.
    You’ve explained it in a way that sounds very simple, so that anyone can clearly see which area of their business they need to work on depending on their problem.

  7. Laura

    Hi Paul, Great job as always, but I have a quick question. We sell books on emergency/disaster preparedness. Problem is, even though we have a lot of clicks from Adwords, many of our target customers are a bit older and don’t feel comfortable buying online. Those that do, usually choose the instant download, but despite our detailed, easy to understand instructions, don’t seem to be able to download and call us months later because they never “received” the product. We’ve even been emailing folks twice with the link and instructions. Most of them never read the email. I do have a physical product through Lulu.com too, but they want the instant download. Is there something we can do to improve our sales and communicate better? http://www.nokep.org/actionplanf.htm & http://www.nokep.org/hurricane.htm are the main product pages.

    Thanks, Happy Holidays, Laura

    • admin

      Laura — Try making a camtasia/screenflow video that autoplays on the thank you page after they order. (If you can put a talking head in (like mine) that will help get their attention. Might work. You could do an automated phone call blast, but that seems like too much work. I’d try the video.

  8. Sonny Ahuja

    wow!! You did it again Paul. So simple yet so powerful. Every time I go back and watch one of your videos, I loose sleep…because something new comes to my mind. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Your program has helped me increase margins and leads in my business and right now I am working on a membership program.

    Thank you

    wishing you a happy holiday season, Sonny


  9. Geoff Dodd

    Paul, you are so clear and easy to follow, I can ‘see’ your thinking! Thanks for true simplicity that just makes dollars and sense! Keep doing videos, hey! Geoff D.

  10. SAJI

    Its really very nice to know that the process is so SIMPLE, but only we have complicated till now !!!

    Thanks for changing our outlook towards building business !!!

  11. Jeff Meier

    Thank you Paul for your so obvious, but neglected ideas on how to grow our businesses. You have some perfect strategies on the transaction increase concepts. I will defintely write these down and work harder on those steps. Thanks again

  12. Sido

    K: I: S: S . Still the best advice in the world, for many many many many things.

    It is SUCH a joy, always , to hear you, to learn from you. We’ve already had an increase in our business http://www.carrozze.it (Italia Jazz, indie, trad and wonderful Gregorian chant live) following simply steps from Formula Five..

    Thanks again.
    and thank you, Roger Bauer, for the mind maps link. What a treasure!

    So, Pirate Paul, with your gems that you treat us to from your treasure trove,
    accept our delighted thanks
    and above all, our success and gratitude.

    Sweet holidays to you and yours,
    Sido Islwyn and Vincenzo Vanni

    • admin

      Sido – your delighted thanks are most welcomed. (Wonderful URL by the way… a great way to live, waking up happy.) –pl

  13. Denise

    Hi Paul! I’m a huge fan and had phenomenal results with F5. Increased my business 30+% Looking forward to the new system.

    • admin

      Me too, Denise. Business Profits Blueprint should be ready mid-late January. Glad to hear things are going so well. –pl

  14. LD Freeman

    Paul, great video. Great 1-2-3 step to grow your business from 0 to 6-figures and 6-figures to 7-figures!

    K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) steps:
    1. Get More Leads
    2. Increase Conversions (this is the step I’m on)
    3. Increase Order Size
    4. Increase Product/Service Price
    5. Increase buying frequency
    6. Extend Customer Life


    • admin

      It’s pretty basic, but it works if you do it even half-way. (That’s the beauty of a system.)

  15. Jay Rhome

    Hi Paul

    You have a way to explain the basics very simply yet thoroughly at the same time.

    Even when you say things I already know and/or apply, you simply bring my aweraness to a higher level.


  16. George

    No fluff there! I’d say you distilled that down to about 150 proof 🙂 Thanks. Looking forward to the ‘how’.

  17. Simon Beck

    Hi Paul,

    Great video. It’s really easy to get distracted by the ‘latest thing’ in marketing, but focussing on getting the basics is some much more important and usually more profitable.

    Have you any plans to make Formula Five available again.? I really wanted it when you last offered it through Stomper Net, but was not in a position to get it at the time.


    Simon Beck

    • admin

      Simon — in January I’m bringing out a new system called Business Profits Blueprint that will build on FormulaFIVE and take it to new heights. Can you wait until then? -pl

      • Tony Finbarr-Smith

        Hey Paul,
        will there be an affiliate programme for this?
        If so, would like ot join to promote.


        p.s. you know how you talk about productivity in F5? well I’m offering a timer that you can see on your screen to keep you focussed on the job at hand for just $1 offer closes jan 1st – may I drop a link to it here please?

      • admin

        Tony – there will be an affiliate program. Be great if you’d send me an email saying you’d like to be part, ok? Yes to the link – put up a new comment. Sounds useful – I’d like a copy. –pl

      • admin

        I wanted to clarify that. There will be an affiliate program for Business Profits Blueprints. –pl

  18. Elizabeth Cottrell

    Wow, I believe you’re just taught a whole marketing course in less than five minutes! Clearly, if we can grasp these “big picture” concepts, the action steps can be developed much more clearly. Thank you, Paul.

  19. Bryan Bliss

    I really like your concise, no fluff practical style of presenting this.
    You make the truly crucial steps of business success seem simple, attainable and understandable.
    Of course, just because something really is a simple concept, doesen’t mean that it’s execution is really EASY.
    The clients I work with know these things to be hard work that requires commitment, consistency and creativity.
    I look forward to your further posts on these subjects and the blueprint will no doubt be insightful .
    thanks and take care
    Bryan Bliss
    @blissfulfun on twitter

  20. Eliane

    Dear Paul,
    I totally loved your smile at the end! You are such a gorgeous person! Your wisdom and mentorship have helped my business and changed my life incredibly and I am forever grateful!


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