What’s the fastest way to shift your thinking?

Ask the right questions.

What’s the surest way to change your future?

Same answer…

Ask the right questions…

Ask the right questions and you can change anything.  The trick then, is to ask the right questions.  (And yes, you do have to answer them.)

So what are the right questions? In this video I bring up 10 of them.  Are these the only 10 questions, or even the most important 10 questions?  Of course not, but they’re 10 good ones to help chart the future of your business and to make sure you are taking a direction that can get you there.

Watch the video and leave  your comments below.



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  1. Ed McGarr

    As usual, great content Paul. Your Blueprints and processes are always VERY helpful. You have a talent and asking the most simple questions, that just aren't so simple to answer. Answering them can be so valuable. Keep it coming, and many thanks.

  2. Jay Rhome

    These are great questions not only to ask our clients, but definitely for us as well! I’m going them right now for my own business.

    The follow up questions are really good too. Thanks Paul. I like this. Content packed.

    • pl

      Jay – it’s funny how us consultants can be so smart with our clients’ businesses, and yet…

  3. Crystal

    You are of course, the best.

    This is one of your most intelligent directions, consistent at the end of each presentation, I think… getting immediate feedback for your Gifts. I hope you feel good with the info you give freely…. I feel you are necessary, regardless of direct payback.

    Blessings to you.

  4. Milena

    Thank you! This was refreshing!
    I still do not have own business, but working for bir international research company. From few years try to wrap up my self to figure out whats there for me :), so to have more pleasant time and freedom to decide what and how to do…

    • pl

      Milena, I spent years in international research based strategy. Would love to hear more about what you do. Get in touch…

  5. George

    Great insight. Some Questions I do know the answer to, some I am avoiding for 24 month or so. Time to clear the trenches of unnecessary clutter, once more. I am not sure yet if the PL approaches would work in our size or industry but there are some points well made.
    On an unrelated note what is your preferred method of tracking vital business numbers and do you track them by day, week month or quarter?

    • pl

      George, regarding tracking frequency. Depends on how much your business fluctuates, and the financial impact of those fluctuations. For clients, we’ve implemented daily, weekly, and in some cases monthly tracking – but NEVER longer than that. Weekly is my most common recommendation.

  6. Aslan

    Hi Paul, could you please give us the questions as it seems people are having issues (including myself). Thanks for all your efforts

  7. Dave DeGrave

    Hi Paul I have been reading your emails for the last 6 or 8 months and I have an auto & marine repair,service and sales company in Thorold Ontario Canada and from your emails on marketing I am interested to know what you can do to help improve my service and repair business.As the auto repair business has changed over the past few years because cars are not breaking down like they did in previous years and preventative maintenance is the way to go,(prevent it don;t repair it)but consumers are not buying into this and still in the mindset of “don’t fix it until it breaks” .That is the old way and trying to change this is proving to be frustrating and exhausting.I have proved preventative maintenance works to some of my customers when it costs them a major repair that could have been avoided by preventative maintenance,but all in all customers don’t want to spend hard earned dollars until it breaks,therefore costing them more.I am interested in what you have to offer in order to change my business to be more profitable.Dave

      • pl

        Maybe running at too high res for the service. We test them on iPHone, iPad, and a bunch of browsers. But all on verizon. What platform are you on?

  8. Ray O'Donnell

    Paul — great questions. You’re always pushing us to think strategically. That IS why, you’re my business coach going on year 2!



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